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Freelance Writer Extraordinaire, Crystal S. Kauffman has been completing quality freelance writing projects and designing websites or blogs platforms for small business owners since 2003. She has worked closely with online and offline clients, but she didn’t take her career as a freelancer seriously until June of 2007.

Ms. Kauffman began writing web content, many different types of articles, hundreds of different poems, many types of songs lyrics, and other types of business communications. She began developing her personal business brand and creating different logos and service. , which are shown below as images.



These Are Her Project Logos

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Princess Crystal’s Projects

Currently, Princess Crystal S. Kauffman creates and individually designs all types of different written communications for business owners who need help marketing their product or service. She has created the reputable Royal Network with her with her partner Lyn Lomasi of Brand Shamans for authors and writers of all experience levels at Princess of Communications.

Image Copyrighted to the”Princess Crystal Says brand, 2012

Why Princess Crystal Says?

Princess Crystal’s passion is writing and dragons, so she decided to combine the two in 2012. She began creating the brand “Princess Crystal Says” and she began writing for several online websites and blog which are too numerous to name. Feel free to visit the Author Bio & Resume and Writing Samples page. She has designed and created several personal blogs about five years ago and she has maintained them since. Recently, she redesigned and posted new content to enhance the new titles she has chosen to use on her blogs. Stop by and leave a comment, because bloggers love “comment love”.

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Education & Experience

During 2005 to 2011, Ms. Kauffman decided to further her education, by enrolling and completing a High School Diploma Program, a Children and Teenagers Writing Course, and she completed an Associate in Arts of Business 2008, and a Bachelors Degree in Communications in 2011 in college.

Princess Crystal has Published two books and has recently started her own blog Twin’s Castle Fantasy Story blog, which is a never-ending type of story. She is always looking to help new small business owner’s and expand her knowledge, as well as promote her different freelance services.

Chasing Recovery Daily Blog

The blog Chasing Recovery Daily is written to inspire those who are ready to leave active addiction to begin chasing recovery on a daily basis. This blog has inspirational words for those trying to actively kick addiction out of their life, as well as honest advice in each blog post. Every post or devotional is based off of what Ms. Kauffman learned during her struggle with active addition to very strong narcotics and opioids after cancer treatment. Honestly, you must chase recovery just as hard as you chased the drug of your choice and you will find the strength to break the chains of addictions with each new day.

Ms. Kauffman is also available on Facebook to speak with anyone, who needs to talk about their own dark struggle.



LACSC New Logo

Additionally, as of the year 2003, Ms. Kauffman became cervical cancer survivor (stage 2-B) using experimental treatment that saved her life but adversely affected her health, which led to her becoming disabled in 2003. However, she still tried to care for her family and her children, while dealing with her new way of life as a cancer survivor.

Princess Crystal and Her Beloved Grandfather

After losing her grandfather to cancer, she created the non-profit organization named Laugh at Cancer Organization in 2008 and the Laugh at Cancer Support Community to a Facebook Page after learning she was unable to keep the network she had built. She disband the organization and operates this non-profit as a support community only now with several hundred members. She is available to chat if needed.


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