Beat the Holiday Blues

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

You may find yourself becoming depressed around the holiday season, especially when you have no family to spend time with on those special days. Honestly, it is hard to face or even celebrate the holidays, after losing a loved one throughout the past year to illness or even incarceration. This can make you feel like you have no reason to even celebrate the upcoming holidays, but don’t allow yourself to feel this way. However, you have to push past the holiday blues and remind yourself of the many reasons you have to be thankful and to enjoy this holiday season.

Thankfully, you have chosen to change your life and you have been walking on a new path of recovery that shows your progress each new day. You are no longer a slave to a drug, instead you have regained full control of your entire life and you have also gained a freedom that is worth celebrating. Hopefully, you will forgive yourself and celebrate your new found freedom with your close friends and family. If you need someone to talk too, then get yourself to a meeting or call your sponsor immediately.

Even five minutes of depression is too much, so get help immediately for what is making you feel sad and blue. Unfortunately, you will feel like you are facing this situation alone but you must remember that your higher power is listening to you as well. No matter what you are feeling blue about, you can always reach out to your friends and you will find that they need your company as well. So, with that said, get out of your depression and enjoy the holiday season with all those people that you love as well as those that need you too.

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Learning to Accept That You Were Blindsided

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Unfortunately, being completely blindsided by someone you trusted to follow what you have agreed upon However, they have chosen withhold crucial information from you that you actually needed to know. This is one of the things that will cause you to feel betrayed. Especially, when you never saw this type of behavior coming and you were led to believe something that is untrue.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter who has betrayed you, because you feel stupid for even needing or trusting anyone in the first place. Everything that you thought you knew was completely wrong and now you are the dumbass again. This person has suddenly forced you to accept this new reality, which don’t approve of anyway.

This is one the most frustrating parts of the entire betrayal, because you now have no voice and you cannot stop what has happened. Even though you tried to avoid this pain altogether, by handling this yourself but you get blindsided and hurt.

This trauma is seared into your brain and you have tried to forget it, but all you can think about is you made the choice to leave and left them in charge. Avoiding this kind of trauma is hard to do, especially as an emergency is happening again. Always remind yourself that you have been completely shattered by those you thought would respect your choices.

However, you can make a different plan for next time a situation arises, so you don’t get lied to again In those situations.
Change who you let in your inner circle, because then you may find people who actually care about your mental health in any traumatic situation that you may face. They might even care to help you process and with the feelings that you are struggling to understand in the aftermath.

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Welcome to the First Day of Recovery

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By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

Congratulations, on finally deciding to admit that you absolutely need help to become sober. First and foremost, accept that you are a struggling addict, who is utterly powerless against this powerful demon. Did you know your story will inspire others that are struggling with addiction also. Honestly, you must be absolutely honest will yourself and confess what your drink or drug of choice maybe.

Next, acknowledge that you are constantly rchasing this addiction and the supplies that you need.

Second, admit that you have already have done some really shady shit to get this drug, whenever you needed or wanted it. Unfortunately, you cannot beat this addiction on your own, because you will have to face withdrawals and your own personal demons.

For many years, you have been running from your own frightening demons for years and covering up the pain with your drink or drug of choice. You are suddenly forced to see your inner and outer scars that you have avoided thinking about since they happened. Honestly, just knowing that every single scar that riddles your body was payback for the life that you have chosen. No matter what your drug or drink of choice is, you will find yourself helpless and surrendering to a power greater than yourself.

No matter what you believe in spiritually, you cannot fight addiction alone and you cannot stay in the same environment either. If you really want recovery, just walk away from everyone who does drug or drinks in your life. Cut everyone off and be sure no to remain friends, because they are a lasting connection to get your drug or drink of choice. You will need to immediately start making your final escape plan, which includes moving to a new area of town or a new city.

You could try to get accepted into a recovery program or rehabilitation center, so you can learn and use effective use coping skills when experiencing the roller coaster of emotions that come with the painful withdrawals. Remember to always tell yourself that the pain will not last, because you are getting stronger every single moment and it starts today! Right this moment, you are choosing to become sober for your own reasons and you have diligently fought off temptation.

Every moment of this beautiful day, you are fighting the urge to just go out and use the drink or drug of your choice. Every tiny step is a victory and every moment passes, so hold your head up high as you walking now. This is one of the most important and yet bravest decision you will make, in order to get your life to eve resemble normal. Unfortunately, it is not going to be easy to fix your hot mess of a life in a few days or months, yet with long-term sobriety and hard work on learning new ways to live without your drink or drugs of choice.

Remember…You’re a beast of warrior for choosing sobriety, but hang on tight and never ever give up no matter what!

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Time to Reprogram Your Mind

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By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

You must learn to reprogram your mind, whenever you are fighting to regain control of your life from active addiction. You must remember that you always attract the same energy that you give off to other people. If you are a negative person, then you will magnetically attract negative people in your life. However, when you change the way you think, you will begin to attract positive people in your life.

Many times, you have to walk away from the old friends, in order to make a new life for yourself. Don’t be afraid to change your surroundings, because you will find that better things are waiting for you, once you let go of the negative things in your mind and life that are holding you back. Changing your mindset will allow you to meet new people and land life changing opportunities, which can actually change your entire life.

You will find that being around positive people and thinking about positive things is so much easier than stressing or obsessing about the negative in your life. Create a journal and write down all the positive things in your life every single morning and night. Stay focused on those positive things in your life, in order to continue attracting positive things in your life.

If you begin to think negatively, stop and reprogram your mind immediately! Never let the intrusive negative thoughts overwhelm your mind, since these thoughts can cause you to relapse and you may not make it out of active addiction this time. Always look for the positive things in your life, because they will help you stay focus and give you countless reasons to love your life.

Positive attracts positive, but negative attracts negative. Always remember that!

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Change is Hard, But it is Necessary!

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By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Many times in your life, you will need to evaluate the people who are in your life and their actual value to your life. You will need to ask yourself some important questions about their true character, before you hang out with them for even a moment.Remember, cut ties with any family and friends who are absolutely toxic to your recovery. However, some people are dangerous to your head and you need to know who they are.

These type of people will literally drain every ounce your joy and happiness, because they refuse to get help for their own mental issues. These people tend to be negative and mean, especially when you have good news Unfortunately, they will make you feel like you cannot do nothing right, because they will say negative things about you to your face. The disrespect is constant and tiresome, but you try to overlook these negative qualities because you love them.

Honestly, the pain of letting go, actually hurts less than to stay and endure this type of mental abuse from anyone around you. You may think you need someone, but you don’t need to be bullied in today’s modern society. Honestly, there is cell phone applications for all that you may need: from shopping for groceries, buying restaurant dinners or fast food, clothes, household items, delivery, and rides as needed.

Never allow someone to talk to you that way and always look out for yourself, because no person will ever love you like you love yourself, Don’t give a negative person a single second of your time, because you will end up letting their words enter your head. Don’t spend a second too long, wondering what is wrong with you because of the things these type of people say to you. Truth is, there is nothing wrong with you, they just don’t respect or value you as a person,

So, with that said, identify these people immediately and stop allowing them to enter your life in any type of way. Ask yourself about how a person makes you feel, whenever they talk to you or when they are hanging with you? Only keep the positive people around you, because you will find encouragement and wisdom from them. Now, take inventory of your loved ones today and change the narrative of your story from a negative to positive.

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Avoid Click, Click…Boom Moments!

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By, Crystal S. Kauffman

There are going to be times when you will find out certain things that may hurt or upset you about someone you love. Focus on maintaining your composure and gather your thoughts before you decide to react to the revelation. Sometimes, you must deal with the pain of knowing the truth. Stay silent, but inside you are putting different things together about a person that you have never noticed before.

Each new frame that rolls in your mind will be different snapshots and memories that you have stored in your mind over time. As the pictures, conversations, and actions begin to line up perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. Honestly, you are now fast approaching an uncontrollable angry explosion, which is known as a click, click…boom moment! Unfortunately, you know the truth based on your own perception of what you have seen or heard.

These thoughts stir up your anger, while you fight to hold back the spontaneous combustion that you know is quickly coming. Stop allowing these thoughts to dominate your mind, instead distract yourself with watching funny videos or listening to upbeat music. Don’t focus on the pain you feel, instead be thankful that you now know the absolute truth and start changing your part in the narrative of your story.

Walk away and let it go, because it is not healthy to hold anger in or to allow it to fester due to the pain you feel at this moment. Stay strong and keep moving away from them, until you are no longer part of their life. Try to identify or learn what triggers your angry outbursts and learn to let go for peace sakes. Remember that becoming angry is natural, but letting your temper explode on your family and friends is not.

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Change is Beautiful!

Changing your life after a major medical event like a heart attack or cancer treatment can be stressful at first. However, remember that you are not going to change overnight, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself. As you begin to implement these new changes, try to keep yourself as your mind busy doing things you enjoy. Sometimes, you will fail during the day or night, but take inventory of your daily victories not your failures!

Listen to your doctors, not well meaning friends, because the doctor is the one who has an abundance of medical experience. Remember, you are unique and you may not heal the way others do, yet don’t give up hope that you will receive a healing. Never let others talk down to you, because you may not be the person that they believe you should be. Just shine and focus on becoming healthier, instead of allowing these people into your head.

Change is beautiful and worth every moment, especially when you have been blessed with a second chance in life. You will not change your old habits overnight but you can begin focusing on taking baby steps toward your actual goals. No matter what lies ahead of you, just remember that you got this and that you have already made it this far. So, buckle down and begin changing your life, one meal at a time or one walk at a time!

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