The Girl Who Holds My Heart

By, David Wahlstrom / Guest Blogger

first kiss 2


She is as pretty as can be and I bet she knows it,
I try to be her friend but I feel like I’m going to blow it.
When I see her smile it means a lot,
Sometimes it feels like she is all I got.

Her hair is beautiful and shines in the light,
The day I met her, I know I did something right.
I gave her my heart that day,
She said, “Yes” in her special way.

To watch her turn to go; would tear me apart,
She will always be a piece of my heart.
No matter where this road leads,
With her by my side; I will always succeed.

© 2015, David Wahlstrom

green wings -s weetly scrapped


To My Readers and Fans :

I am very proud mom, because my son wrote this poem. He is celebrating my birthday today with me and got a chance to watch him write this poem.  I think he may take after me! After he finished, I wanted to share his hard work with my friends and fans. Please enjoy!

Let him know what you think?

Happy New Year to All,

Author Crystal S. Kauffman


PS: Take a moment to let him how he is doing! Thanks.


Find Senior Friendly Vacation Destinations

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

©Crystal S. Kauffman

©Crystal S. Kauffman

A person should conduct his or her own research, when looking for a vacation destination that is senior friendly and can accommodate their needs. Start by searching the internet for information about the vacation destinations, which can accommodate your special needs. Ask the travel agent, if there are guided tours that are senior friendly or can accommodate special needs as well.

Special Needs

After picking a vacation spot, be sure to call ahead to the hotel and discuss your loved ones special needs. Ask the manager if you can bring whatever medical equipment that you will need like: oxygen and motorized wheelchair. Before setting up a guided tour, be sure to ask if they can accommodate wheelchair or medical equipment. However, be sure to keep all medications on you at all times, instead of leaving it in the hotel room.

Researching the Destination

Take the time to research each destination that you want to vacation at, in order to find the best places to visit with your loved one. Call ahead to each hotel in the area and ask about the types of accommodations that they offer for seniors. This way, you will know exactly what each hotel offers, before picking a travel package that includes hotel accommodations. By doing your homework, you will find the best senior friendly vacation destinations.

Laws & Customs

Always research the country or state you are planning to visit, before you decide to head out on your amazing adventure. Sometimes, tourists experience culture shock, due to the differences his or her customs and beliefs. Be sure to research and learn the local laws or customs, while planning your trip. Every country is different, so be sure to find out whether you need special vaccinations or a legal document.

Travel Agents

Call different travel agents, since each one has different offers and they are familiar with what the vacation package offers. The travel agents will be able to help you discover the best hotel and guided tours, which will fit your family’s needs. Don’t be afraid to ask about senior discounts, because these will help you save money. Ask a lot of questions when talking to the travel agent, so you will know your rights as a traveler.

Guided Tours

Look for special guided tours, which may offer a senior friendly tour and other perks like: dining and entertainment. These types of tours will tell you right away, if they can accommodate seniors with special medical needs. The guided tour will allow you to enjoy everything the vacation destination has to offer, which you may not discover on your own. However, you may want to explore the destination on your own as well, so choose the best package for your wants and needs.


Take the time to do proper research about the destination, which you plan on visiting with your loved one. Be sure to look for senior friendly destinations, as well as hotels that can accommodate special medical needs like equipment or wheelchair. Additionally, call the attraction or restaurants you plan to visit and ask about their senior friendly accommodations as well. Therefore, by following these tips, you are bound to find the dream vacation that you are looking to experience.

©2008, Crystal S. Kauffman

Zoology: What is it?

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

©Crystal S. Kauffman

©Crystal S. Kauffman

The study of the animal’s behavior has lead to the well known theory of “natural selection”. Therefore, each animal has personal needs that must be met, in order to survive in nature or in captivity. According to Biology-Online, the study of zoology is a branch on biology, which studies different animals and the way they live their life. Most zoologists believe that studying animals and their behavior can teach us a lot about humans and their behavior. Some notable zoologists are: Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Jeff Corwin, or Steve and Terry Irwin of the Australia Zoo.

These scientists are studying their breeding habits, personality traits, and what they eat on a daily basis. The zoologist actually studies the animal’s home, in their own habitat or in captivity at a zoo or other place. According to Bolhus & Giraldeau, zoology was first studied by British and German laboratories, in the nineteenth century and it has evolved over the years. Many scientists have studied the theory of “natural selection”, which was researched by many different passionate scientists. Each one has strived to become one with the animal, but they also learn to have a healthy respect for each animal they studied.

Their work and passion is allowing us to understand the animal’s behavior in stressful and social situations. The zoologists are learning how animals relate to their own kind, to other animals, and to humans. According to Bolhus & Giraldeau, by learning how they are raising their offspring, wildlife organizations can save many wounded animals. A zoologist job’s is very important and many zoos hire them, in order to care for the animals. They study how animals behave, especially when they are friendly or when they feel threatened.

There are many classifications of animals that are being studied by scientists, who are called zoologists. According to Biology-Online, most spiders are classified separate from insects, since their anatomy is built differently. Some zoologist study Paleontology, in order to learn what extinct animals and fossils were like, when they roamed the earth. Others study the Entomology, which is learning about insects and their behaviors.

Some scientist study Mammalogy, which includes animals that carry and give birth to their young. Most mammals feed their baby milk and they are warm-blooded, like humans and dolphins. According to Biology-Online, some animals are classified as Herpetology, since they are reptiles or amphibians. These animals are cold-blooded and lay eggs at birth, like turtles or frogs. Actually, snakes and lizards are studied under this branch of zoology, since they lay eggs are cold blooded as well

However, some animals are called arachnids and the scientific name for their branch of zoology is Arachnology. Most people associate this branch of study with spiders that have more than six legs and lay eggs in a sack. According to Bolhus & Giraldeau, the different behaviors of animals are studied by an Ethologist, who also documents each species behavior. Scientist called Ornithologist, actually study birds, by examining how they live and what they eat.

Another type of scientist is an Ichthyology, they study fish and how they survive in the ocean and fresh water without air. According to Biology-Online, a zoologist mainly studies the behavior of animals and how they live in their own natural habitat. A zoologist can choose to study all types of animals or they may pick a branch, which allows them to study one type of species like snakes or birds.

Basically, there are mainly two types of animals; one is herbivores or a plant eaters and the other is a carnivore or a meat eater. According to Biology-Online, these scientists study the different species of animals and their unique habits. Some zoologists are studying a specific animal’s habitat, but some are studying a variety of animals and their behavior. They each observe and chart the interesting stuff they learn, in order to teach future generations all about these amazing animals.
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Build an Illness Support System

illness support 1

Have you recently been diagnosed with a chronic disease or medical condition? Are you looking for a support group, online or locally, to find a shoulder to lean on? There are several types of support groups to choose from, no matter what condition or disease you have. Many groups offer individual help in a local location and some are located on the Internet. However, you must be sure to that you choose one, which will benefit your personal needs.

Online Support Communities

Did you know there are thousands of different support communities on the Internet? They are usually open twenty-four hours a day and can be accessed from any home computer. This way, the families that are unable to visit a local group in their town, due to their condition or circumstances. Many groups offer several types of services and resources for patients and their loved ones. Before signing up, be sure to talk with the members and see what they think.

Local Support Groups

Have you asked your doctor about local support groups in your town? These types of groups will help you deal with your diagnosis or condition? In addition, you could talk to other patients or nurses, because someone will know about an existing group. After you find a group, be sure to talk to the members, in order to learn more about their mission. Unfortunately, most groups usually meet once a week, so you may want to have a separate support system.

Professional Counseling

Sometimes you will need more support than any type of support group can offer, so it is important to find a psychologist. They can help in ways a support group can not, since you may need medicine to help with depression or anxiety. Ask your doctor to refer you to someone he trusts or talk to your church minister about your needs. However, be sure to pick one that you feel comfortable talking to. This is important, because you will be discussing personal things with them.

Family and Friends

Are you close to your family and friends, who live near you? Do you have friends that will drop everything, if you need them? If, so lean on them throughout this frightening time and allow each of them to help you in any way you need. However, if you not close to your family, then it is important for you to lean on members of your support group. That is why it important to look for a group with members you can trust, just in case you need a shoulder to lean on.


Today, there are many avenues for a patient and caregivers to find support for those, who suffer from a chronic illness. Start by researching the best options that are available to you and your family. Be sure to find someone that you trust, no matter what kind of support you need. It is important for you to find a group that allows you to feel comfortable. Therefore, you will find the right support system, which you will need to make it through your journey against your illness..
Previously Published in 2007

©2007, Crystal S. Kauffman

Freelance Author: What is NaNoWriMo?

Nanowrimo1The creators of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) wanted to find a way, for amateurs and professionals to find common ground. They desired to bring more aspiring authors, into the competitive market of novel writing. All of the participants are solely based on the amount of writing, which they produced in thirty days, instead of the quality. Basically, NaNoWriMo program was created about eight years ago, in order to showcase a writer’s dedication to their writing.

However, since the contest creation, the program has expanded into a global revolution that is sweeping the world of writing. According to the Office of Letters and Light (2006), over 79,000 participants entered last year. Unfortunately, only about “13,000” (office of Letters and Light, 2006), were able to actually finish their novel. Each participant will try for their chance to become a new novelist, but only a few will be reaching their goal.

Basically, anyone can join, as long as they are able to write a “175 page (50,000 words) novel” (The Office of Letters and light, 2006), during the month of November. Fortunately, the aspiring authors will not have to worry about the daunting task of perfecting each word or sentence. The NaNoWriMo program mainly focuses on an artist’s hard work and their commitment to writing daily.

This contest encourages amateurs and professional authors to enter into the friendly competition. Don’t worry about the mistakes that will be made, since only they only judge the total word count. Every contestant is judged and rewarded for their daily perseverance. Also, the website offers a community to gain encouragement or to talk about the joys and sorrows of writing.

For more information or to join the revolution that is sweeping the writing world, go to This program allows a would-be author, to work hard and attempt to write a novel in thirty days from a blank page. Most of the aspiring authors come from several countries and different walks of life. Yet, each one has a sincere desire, to see their novel published and circulating in the local bookstores.

Therefore, this year’s many contestants will be attempting to write their way into, “NaNoWriMo superstardom” (Office of Letters and Light, 2006). On November 1, 2015, a new round of contestants will be shooting for the finishing line.  So, get ready to join them in a program, which will showcase the hard work of both amateurs and professionals alike. The contestants enjoy writing their heart out, while competing for the chance to be noticed by others.


The Office of Letters and Light (2006) National Novel Writing Month

Retrieved on the World Wide Web on July 8, 2007

Previously Published in 2007/Revised 2015

©2007, Crystal S. Kauffman

Meet Author Crystal S. Kauffman

Author Crystal 3

About the Author

My name is Crystal S. Kauffman (Pen name: Imogen Rayne). I am a Freelance Author/Poet/Songwriter with 16 years of experience. I have published over 1000 articles online and offline, since I began my writing career. Additionally, I enjoy using my talent to help small business owners, who need help with their everyday business communications like press releases and articles. I also enjoy making fliers and brochures, as well many other forms of business communications. Most of all, I love reviews of books and products, so please email me for more information. Email:

Glimpse Into My Life 

Currently, I live in Jacksonville, FL with my husband and my two beautiful children, who are my biggest fan and contributors for my new novels. Personally, I am a twelve year cervical cancer stage 2 B survivor, who loves to create and write. Therefore, for the last 8 years, I have been using the talent God gave me to create and maintain a support community for those touched by cancer. The Laugh at Cancer Support Community is for patients and families touched by cancer, who has been touched directly or indirectly. Visit our support community, if you would like to help make a difference or if you are in need of support. Laugh At Cancer Support Community

My Published Work 

Rhymes of The Heart– This is an uplifting and inspirational collection of poems. These rhymes come from my heart, throughout the good and bad times I experienced. I believe many of my readers and fans can relate to the poems I have written. Additionally, ten percent of each purchase will benefit the . Laugh At Cancer Support Community on Facebook.

Planting Seeds to GrowThis is a collection of short stories I previous published for children. I really hope that enjoy my work, because each story is fictionally based. However, you will know what stories are based on my own life. I believe that this book is wonderful read for you and your children. Ten percent of all purchase will benefit the . Laugh At Cancer Support Community

*****New Novels Coming Soon*****

 Ana’s Stand-Available Soon

 Angel’s Tears-Mystery, Drama, and Crime

 The Birth of Veil-Fantasy Genre

Gift Ideas for Traveling Seniors


Do you have a globe-trotting senior on your holiday or birthday list? Are you looking for a perfect present for them this year? Well, look no farther than a local department store, since they have many useful gifts. There you will find things that travelers will enjoy, like a set of suitcases or personal products that every traveler needs. Some travelers may enjoy a soft towel to dry off on, instead of a hotel’s towel.

A great gift idea would be a road safety club for RV owners, just in case they need road side assistance.  You may even want to consider giving them a road safety kit, just in case they will need it. However, a professional oil change or new tires for the RV would be a great gift for someone, who loves to travel. Honestly, most travelers will enjoy gas cards, because it will save them money and allow them to continue to their destination.

Nevertheless, others would enjoy a photo album or scrapbook, which is filled with pictures of loved ones and friends that they miss. This way, they can reminisce, while they are visiting historic sites in other states or countries. Many senior travelers are looking for things, which will allow them to be more comfortable. Try looking for things that may enjoy like: getting a soft pillow, blanket, or stuff they can decorate their RV with.

Remember to look for things that will help them achieve their goals and dreams of seeing the different sites around America. You should pick a special gift that can be used over and over; like camping gear, dishes, or bored games to play on the when relaxing. These simple presents will make their lives easier, while showing them that you support their decision to travel. Therefore, look for things that they may need, in order to allow them to have the vacation of a lifetime.

© Crystal S. Kauffman-2008/Previously Published at Yahoo Voices/Associated Contennt