Don’t Ring That Bell

My Uncle once told me that, “Sometimes our words ring a bell when we speak them out loud!”

An unbearable amount of pain can come from someone words, especially when they can literally cut a person’s heart to pieces. Sometimes, people are dealing with things that you may not know about, so be kind when you speak. Lately, I have been trying to watch my own mouth and not say mean things to anyone, since I have been trying to get right with God. However, some days I fail too and my anger erupts like a volcano and I am saying stuff I completely regret.

Do not say something if you don’t mean it, since not everyone will forgive you for the mean things you have said. Everyone can be very mean with their words, but you must change the way you react when you are angry at a person. Try to be quiet and say a prayer, whenever someone seems to be pushing all the right buttons and your anger is swelling. Take a deep breath or listen to your favorite music, which may help you calm down.

Don’t say something that you cannot take back, just because you are angry and someone is relentless and is constantly pushing you to your limit. The anger swells like the lava in a volcano and before long you are spewing venom from your lips. Instead, offer a prayer of forgiveness and try to get away from the person who brings the contempt out of you. Honestly, don’t let your anger cause you to say things that you will one day end up regretting for the rest of your life.

I always try to remember what my Uncle always said when he was alive, “Don’t Ring That Bell, Christy!”

©2019, Crystal S. Kauffman

PS: I am not a Licensed Therapist! Based on Personal Experience

On The Road to Recovery

Ok, everything you; once loved or cared about is gone! Are you going to lay in bed and cry, while the rest of the world moves on without you? Sometimes, through our bad choices in life we become toxic to others and they decide to remove themselves from our lives to save their own sanity, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you anymore.

It just means, you need to focus on making better choices and rebuilding a lifestyle that others can accept. Start, by figuring out “WHO YOU TRULY ARE!” underneath the pain and shame, that covers your heart like a thick winter coat. You have you to peel back each layer of guilt, in order to find the frightened child that you abandoned so long ago.

Now, you will need to make two notebooks with simple section dividers and papers. Make each each notebook a different color and keep them near your sitting area, because you will be writing in them a lot. Look in your kitchen cabinet for a simple coffee cup to place a couple pens in, just in case you have a thought and you need to find a pen quickly.

Start, by setting daily goals in one notebook like: remembering to take your medicine or cleaning your house. Write stuff that can be achieved from the time that the sun rises in the morning until the sun sets in the evening. Next, you will create weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. Then, use your second notebook to begin in journaling your thoughts like in a journal or diary.

Unfortunately, you have to accept that your life has violently changed and that it will never be the same as it was. Your spouse or children may never comeback, but if you feel lonely and depressed all the time. Look into adopting a pet from a local shelter that needs you, but are you a cat or a dog person. Yes, there is a major difference, since a cat requires little care and a dog requires constant supervision.

However, you must be a responsible person to own a pet, because they are like children and do require daily care. You can go to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or (NA) Narcotic Anonymous meetings or church, in order to find friends that will support you on your journey to recovery. Don’t discouraged if you fail, because your loved one will notice that you are at least out there trying to change.

Whatever you do, just do ii! The hardest step is the first one and each step gets easier as long as you are moving. Find out what your problem and seek treatment, while creating new friends and new places to hang out. Don’t go back to what broke you and don’t invite more drama into your life.

(c) 2019, Crystal S. Kauffman

PS: I am not a Licensed Therapist! Based on my Personal Experience.

Thoughts About Life Suckers

life suckers

Sometimes, your life can become so overwhelming at times that your chest walls are squeezing so hard like you are in Cardiac Arrest. Next, your breathing will become labored and you may have experienced issues with just trying to catch your breath. Don’t freak out, because it is not an emergency with your physical health but it is a medical condition that will require your immediate attention. You have entered into a full-blown panic attack, which is actually a symptom of a medical condition that is known as Anxiety.  

At this point, it is time to call a psychiatrist and begin evaluating your daily life, as well as identifying the life suckers that are in your daily life. The term life suckers refer to the people in your daily life that excessively needy. These people can literally drain years off your life, due to the extreme amount of stress or drama that this type of person brings into your life. Now, you must step back from everything in your daily circle and pinpoint the life sucker that is draining your life force. 

I bet your thinking to yourself that you have several people in your life, who are extremely needy that they actually suffocate you as a person. The person sucks the joy, peace, hope, and happiness out of your life by making your life miserable. This type of person feeds off the negative energy that they create in your life, by their bad behavior or their negative attitude. They lack respect for your life and mental health because life suckers don’t care about anyone but themselves. 

Just breathe…No matter what! Keep your head held high and limit this person or persons interaction with you. The negative impact on your lifeforce can cause you to lose your peace of mind or it can actually kill you. Stress will make you physically and mentally sick because it causes major damage inside of your body, which is why life suckers can become deadly to you. Therefore, take inventory of the people in your life and figure out what caused you to experience a panic attack. 

Copyrighted by, Crystal S. Kauffman, 2018 

Dancing With Anger

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer



Give me this moment father,
I don’t want to be a bother.
Calm the rage I feel,
Love me, as I start to heal.

I will not complain or cry,
Watch me as I fly.
Tomorrow I will grow my wings,
Start to fly and handle things.

I made my own prison of sin,
Some blame what I grew up in,
Never knowing love that I should,
Most of my life I felt misunderstood.

Holding on to a dream will all my might,
Standing against the odds I will fight.
To stubborn to give up or to quit,
No matter the blow or the hit.

Not even cancer can take my desire,
Or my passion that burns like a fire.
Burning my soul, as I face this pain,
My eyes are left with tears that stain.

Your love is what I have inside,
So, therefore I will not hide.
I will stand and take all I can,
With you holding my hand.

Lost and pushing straight,
Patiently, I will forever wait.
Nothing can stop me now,
Only you can show me how.

Life is hard, without you here,
Take my soul and hold it near.
I don’t know what my future will hold,
Please, don’t let my anger leave me cold.

PS: I wrote this poem in 2008, when I was dealing with a lot of anger for various reasons. I have learned to forgive and I feel so relieved that I do not feel this way anymore. However, you may be dancing with you own anger. I hope this poem speaks to you and allows you to forgive on make peace with those you are angry at. You don’t forgive for them, instead you forgive for yourself.

Mental Health & Stress Level Can Affect Your Overall Health

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer



Stress can have different affects on the human body, which is why there is not a one medication or approach to handling mental stresses in life. Some people try using stress management techniques, but they don’t always work. Whenever, you are in the stressful situation, sometimes these techniques you have learned will help. Other times, they don’t work and you may get angry at the situation you are in that is causing stress or depression.

Therefore, there are other tips and tricks that someone can try, in order to relieve their anxiety or stress. The stress management techniques focus on helping a person change themselves or their situation whenever they can. However, sometimes a person cannot change a stressful in their life for didn’t reason. These situations can cause too much stress and anxiety, which may lead to a depressive mood.

A person needs to change their way thinking and behavior, when learning healthier ways to cope with the situation. They begin by changing their thoughts, their lifestyle, emotions, and the way the react to certain situations. However, some people need other ways to alleviate stress like: physical activity, keeping a journal, medication, and prayer or spiritual help. Keeping a stress journal can help patient or the doctor to discover exactly what the stress triggers are and how they can avoid those stresses all together.

Some people will need medication to help their anxiety level, while other can do simple breathing exercises. Many people just need to take time out of their busy day and stop to relax while smelling the roses. The patient can get on the right treatment plan and start their journey towards feeling better. Additionally, the patient’s mental health and stress level can make them sick and cause other issues like: anxiety or depression.

A person should never be afraid to ask for help, because they just might find healthier ways to handle stressful situations. Learning new coping techniques can help lessen the stress level that a person is dealing with. An overwhelming stress can affect a person’s mental and physical health, but exercise and learning healthy coping skills can help alleviate stress. Therefore, it is important for people of all ages to see a doctor, whenever they are feeling overwhelmed by the stresses in their life.

Personal Experience

©2015, Crystal S. Kauffman