Meet Some Special Orphans Who Need Sponsors

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer


©Kakande Muhamad

Meet a Volunteer: Kakande Muhamad

I am Kakande Muhamad and I am a volunteer, who is running the Reallife Orphanage Home. I am a native thirty-two-year-old, who is currently caring for twenty children. Additionally, I am working with several volunteers to care for these lovely children. Some of these children have lost their parents in the war, some were abandoned, and others lost their parents to illnesses like HIV/AIDS. These children are vulnerable and need sponsors to get the daily food, and medications or school items.


©Kakande Muhamad

Our Mission at the Orphanage

As volunteers our mission is to provide, love, support, and daily care for the vulnerable children in the slum communities near our orphanage. Our long term goal is to find each child a permanent home and someone to love them. Currently, we need sponsors that can help us keep the orphanage open, as well as help provide these children with their daily needs. We need food that will not perish like beans, maize, rice, and other foods that help nourish these precious children.

How I Began Helping These Special Kids

I was born and grew up in Bwaise neighborhood which is a slum, but during this time I saw many children die for many reasons. I have seen children thrown into water channels or drainage systems, which hurt me deeply, because these poor children died. Unfortunately, I have also seen other children living in old broken down houses and along the streets. These children would sleep wherever they could sleep and I wanted to do something to help the orphans in my own community.

After seriously soul searching, I decided to open an orphanage, which does not turn these vulnerable children and babies away. However, I need to have sponsors to help me keep the orphanage open and caring for these special children. We must pay house rent, as well as get the daily things children need like food and bathing supplies. The children’s sponsors will also help buy clothes, mosquito nets (Malaria Protection), medicine, and educational needs.

Meet Baby Hope

Orphan 1

Baby Hope ©Kakande Muhamad

This little girl is fourteen-months-old and she is known as baby Hope. She is currently living at the Reallife Home Orphanage and no one knows who her parents are. Sadly, baby Hope was found late at night and she was lying curled up next to a toilet in a Kampala, Uganda neighborhood called Bwaise. This run down neighborhood is known for prostitution and sex workers. She was alone and desperately needed help, so the volunteers brought her to the orphanage, but at this time she doesn’t have a name.

Therefore, I have chosen to call her Baby Hope and the volunteers need help with someone to sponsor this beautiful little girl. As a sponsor, you will make sure she eats daily and gets medication when she is sick. Baby Hope deserves to be happy and cared for, even though she has had a rough start to life. She is now in the care of volunteers, who want to help her live a long happy yet full life.

Meet Simon Mugerwa

Orphan 2

Simon Mugerwa ©Kakande Muhamad

This is Simon Mugerwa and he is five-year-old boy, who is one of our special orphaned children. Unfortunately, Simon lost his father in 2014 and his mother could no longer care for this handsome little boy. He is a happy little boy, who has dreams of being a doctor, so he wants to get an education. However, he needs a sponsor that can help him realize his dream, due to the required school fees.

Simon loves to play with his friends at the orphanage, he loves the volunteers, and he enjoys riding his bicycle. Additionally, he loves watching cartoons and he is a very energetic little boy, who is full of love for everyone. Currently, he needs a sponsor that can help us get him into school, as well as helping with his daily needs like food and medication. Therefore take a moment to learn more about Simon and his friend baby Hope.

Contact Information

Any sponsors who may want to help our orphanage or sponsor a child, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook page Reallife Orphanage Home. We have limited internet contact at this time, so bear with us as we hope to grow and make a difference in the lives of these special children. We are hoping to build a website and other ways to help you learn more about our orphanage. The children and I send much love, peace, and light to you all. May God bless you.

©2016, Crystal S. Kauffman

PS: Stop back by and meet each of the orphans, which I will be featuring from the Reallife Orphange Home. The orphanage’s legal papers are posted below.





Wings of Hope Project-Dec. 2014

Wings of Hope Project has started on November 1st, 2014. We will be giving out patient bags to the Shands Infusion Center for Women in Jacksonville, FL. After they are told they have cancer, the patients will receive one of our bags that will let them know that there is some out there that cares about them. Our goal is to make up 20 bags, so please take a moment and help us make someone day a little brighter.

We need small gifts:

Figurines (Angels are a big hit)

Homemade Bracelets

Small Bibles

Bookmarks (Positive Saying)

Journal or Diaries 

Stickers (positive stuff)

Small Day Calendar ( keep track of appointments for 2015)

Can you help us?

We will be giving them out the week before Christmas.

Thank you! 

Please email me for more details…

Wings of Hope Project – September 2014 – Next Give Away

Wings of Hope Project for March 2014

This is what we put in each bag, plus a beanie baby. We had fun and we give all the glory to God.

We successfully completed our Wings of Hope Project for March 27, 2014 give away, which consisted of 12 gift bags full of items that will be given to new patients at Shands Infusion Center for Women. We made up a nurses bag and threw some extra stuff in it, so the nurses can give them away to new patients. However, we need your help to continue the project and help us get ready for our next give away in September 2014. Let’s try to get more than 12 gift bags for our next planned visit.

We do as three times in year: March, September, December. This way, we can reach as many patients as we can during each year. We pick out local cancer clinics or nursing homes to bless with our donated gifts. Please take a moment to look around your house and see if you may have some of the items that we need, in order to make this project a success. Each time we visit them, the nurses are happy to see us because they do not have items give out to the patients at this time due to hospital rules.

Ask your church, school, or organization to get involved and help us to continue to bless many patients  with these gifts of love. For September’s give away,  we will need at least 30 gift bags for men and women.

Items we Need:

Small gifts

Gifts bags

Thinking of you cards



Non profits- organizations wristbands- prostate, cervical, ovarian

Anything to cheer a patient up, men and women. Every new patient will get a bag until they run out. No candy!!!

Together we can make a difference!

Send items to:

Laugh at Cancer Support Community

c/o Crystal s. Kauffman

7192 Park City Dr.

Jacksonville, Florida, 32244



If you send a donation of any kind.


FYI: The Support Community cost $30.00 a month to keep it open, so if you can help out in that please follow this link to our donate button.

Wings of Hope for March 2014


Yesterday, we gave away 12 bags for new patients at Shand’s Infusion Center For Women, plus we threw extras in the nurse’s bag. So, the nurse can make a few more bags. I am excited because we were able to bless so many patients. Come on and get involved for September’s give away.

WE Need:

small gifts

gifts bags

thinking of you cards

Non profits- organizations wristbands- prostate, cervical, ovarian

Anything to cheer a patient, no candy or perishables.

Random Acts of Kindness….Pass it On!

This picture was taken in 2007., during our Blankets of Hope Projects.

This picture was taken in 2007., during our Blankets of Hope Projects.

About Picture

This year, while gathering up Christmas presents for your family and friends. Try to grab a gift or two for a neighbor that you know has no family or a family that may be under privileged. These little random acts of kindness will bring joy to those, who may be lonely or feel sad during the holiday season.

For example. this picture  taken in 2007, when we first started giving out gifts and blankets to those who have no one during Christmas at cancer centers, nursing, homes, or other places joy is needed. Additionally, this particular year in 2007, my children and I visited the trauma unit at Shands during our give away.

Laugh at Cancer Support Community is so thankful for the many different donations, which have been given to us over the years. Since, these simple presents brought joy into the lives of many others. The idea for the support community and the blankets and small gifts came from examples in my own life.

A Glimpse Into My Blessed Life

Over fifteen years ago, my daughters 4th birthday was coming, but I got sick enough to be admitted into Orange Park Hospital and stayed during her birthday. My lovely roommate surprised me! She had her daughter bring in several presents for my daughter like: Barbie, Barbie’s horse, and clothing for the Barbie doll. I felt so blessed when this happened that I cried as I tried to tell her thank you. She hugged me and said he said just pass it on when you can.

Later, for the next five years, I found myself in the hospital over the holiday season for one reason or another on Thanksgiving, Christmas, (My birthday), New Years Eve, and New Years Day. During Christmas, the nurses would bring in gifts for me and my children, which made me feel blessed and grateful. The nurses from each shift brought me some things to use to write with, since they knew I loved to write short stories. They even loved reading what I wrote, which made me feel honored and set me on the path to writing. I am not perfect, but I know I get better every single day.

This year, I am collecting donations for the Blankets of Hope Project, which can be throw blankets or small gifts for adults or children. However, if you cannot help us out, then take time to help someone near you that needs help this year. If you can help us, contact me for my email for the address to send your donations to. I hope you will take a moment and let us know how we are doing, as well letting us now if you plan to donate. We can also use Christmas cards that are not signed, instead put “Thinking About You” at the bottom of the card.

Please help spread the word by sharing this blog!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!