The Girl Who Holds My Heart

By, David Wahlstrom / Guest Blogger

first kiss 2


She is as pretty as can be and I bet she knows it,
I try to be her friend but I feel like I’m going to blow it.
When I see her smile it means a lot,
Sometimes it feels like she is all I got.

Her hair is beautiful and shines in the light,
The day I met her, I know I did something right.
I gave her my heart that day,
She said, “Yes” in her special way.

To watch her turn to go; would tear me apart,
She will always be a piece of my heart.
No matter where this road leads,
With her by my side; I will always succeed.

© 2015, David Wahlstrom

green wings -s weetly scrapped


To My Readers and Fans :

I am very proud mom, because my son wrote this poem. He is celebrating my birthday today with me and got a chance to watch him write this poem.  I think he may take after me! After he finished, I wanted to share his hard work with my friends and fans. Please enjoy!

Let him know what you think?

Happy New Year to All,

Author Crystal S. Kauffman


PS: Take a moment to let him how he is doing! Thanks.


My Family’s Homemade Christmas

Homemade christmas
Papa and I were heading home from the auto parts store, as I stared out the window of the car. The radio spoke of a blizzard up north, which had crippled an entire community. This seemed unusual to me, since I lived in Florida where it never snowed. The houses we passed seemed to have something that we didn’t. However, my grandfather didn’t seem to notice. Instead, he thought of it as another day, where one must work to earn a dollar or two just to survive.

I felt confused by the lack of Christmas spirit in my home. Nevertheless, I knew that my family didn’t make a big fuss over the holidays, since I was a young girl. Yet, it began bothering me that no one spent time setting up a Christmas tree or adding decorations to it. So, as we pulled in the driveway, the house seemed cold and dreary. However, I noticed a nativity in the neighbor’s yard, which seemed comforting in a strange sort of way.

I smiled at grandma, as we passed through the kitchen and headed towards the backdoor. In the backyard, I found my two brothers playing on grandpa’s rusty old yellow lawn mower. It had been broken down for years, yet they were pretending to race. I always knew that my grandfather was a man of a few words, except when he was mad. However, he gave his heart to anyone that needed help and I liked that about him.

After, making it to the garage, we began working on the old red race car. I noticed that our neighbors were greeting their family members as they arrived. Suddenly, I began hoping my own family would start celebrating the holidays, since I was 13. Additionally, I wondered why my grandma didn’t invite the rest of the family to visit over Christmas. Finally, I decided to ask my granddad, but I was a little nervous to ask at first.

“Why don’t we Celebrate Christmas?” I asked nervously.

He answered, “It’s just another day Christy! You’ll figure that out when you get older. I couldn’t afford the decorations and presents.”

“Would you celebrate…if you could?”

“I am not sure, because I never have celebrated the holidays. My parents weren’t unable to afford decorations and presents. ”

I could see the sadness rising in his eyes, which made me feel bad for bringing up the subject. Nevertheless, I got quiet and began thinking of what other families had that we were lacking. Suddenly, I felt even worse that he had never experienced Christmas, not even as a young boy. For years, he was forced to watch others celebrate the holidays, as he worked hard to help his family survive.

On Christmas Eve, I began wondering what life would be like if my family did celebrate the holidays. My brothers watched, ”

Santa Clause is Coming to Town”, while I searched through my Bible for the story about baby Jesus. I knew it would be an inspiring story to read to my grandpa, because baby Jesus’ was poor too. However, I couldn’t find it and I fell asleep sitting in grandma’s recliner.

Early the next morning, I woke before anyone else and began making a small Christmas tree from an old one I found. After hanging the different ornaments on the tree, I taped a banner and notes on the wall behind the tree. In addition, I placed my dolls next to the tree and taped the different colored ornaments to the wall also. Suddenly, I saw grandma’s camera and I snapped a picture of my Christmas surprise.

I made my way to the kitchen, where I found some candy canes, chocolate bars, and mixed nuts to fill the decorated socks I borrowed to make a stockings. Immediately, I began feeling excited, so I ran to my room and began looking for presents that I could wrap for everyone. Soon, I heard my grandfather stirring in his bed, so I found items to wrap. I found many different things lying around my room and I wrapped them in old newspaper.

For my little brother I found a little a red and white kazoo. I also found a toy sword that I gave to my little brother. In addition, I wrapped a toy roller coaster and Kermit the Frog dressed in a Santa’s suit, for twin brother. I kept digging through my room, until I found more presents to wrap and give to the rest of my family. However, there was one thing that I forgot, so I tip-toed to the kitchen and called my uncle to join us for our first Christmas dinner together.

Thankfully, my uncle agreed to visit and bring his family, in order to help me surprise the family. I decided to finish decorating the house with my homemade decorations and written pages. However, I decided to stop and look for the story about baby Jesus one again.

In about an hour, I could hear everyone waking up with excitement and instantly I became nervous. As grandfather stood staring at what I had done to the living room. I saw a smile consumed his face, so I handed him two presents. He began opening the gifts I gave him with a sense of excitement and surprise. This made me feel, like I was able to give my grandpa something, which he had never experienced before.

“Merry Christmas, Papa!” I said with excitement.

“You shouldn’t have done this.”He replied.

“I wanted too!”

“Thank you!”

Later on that morning, my uncle surprised my family with a gingerbread house and some eggnog to share. After dinner, my grandmother told me where to find the story of baby Jesus in the bible. I read it aloud to my family, just before bed. As, I headed to bed, I noticed my grandparents were kissing under the mistletoe that my aunt brought with her. As I laid down that night, I realized that this homemade Christmas was more special to me, than any I could have ever dreamed of.

Father’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Father's Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas

Buying gifts on any budget can be easier than you think, since there are thousands of presents you could choose from. However, Father’s Day is not about giving expensive gifts and going broke celebrating. In this economic downturn, many families won’t have extra money to spend on a gift for their father. So, here are some ways to give dad a special day, which shows him how much you adore him.

I Have No Money

Take a moment to think about some homemade crafts that you can do, with the items you have at home already. Try collecting pictures and building a collage of your father’s life, which he will cherish always. Additionally, you could make a bookmark with your favorite picture and something special written on it to him. Be creative and you can make something special for him out of every day household items, without spending a dime.


I Have $20

Consider visiting the nearest dollar store and making a gift bag full of goodies that dad would enjoy. You can find many unique, yet practical items and product that would be perfect for a Father’s Day gift. Furthermore, you could start a new tradition, by visiting the local store and buying the ingredients needed to make his favorite inexpensive meal. Also, do not forget to invite the whole family and you could ask them to bring a favorite dish with them.


I Have $50


Think about the best way to celebrate Father’s Day, with the money you have on hand to spend. Maybe you could invite him to enjoy a dinner and a movie with you, by making him a homemade invitation with tickets enclosed. In addition, you could surprise him with something that he needs for a hobby or a project. This type of gesture will mean a lot more to him, just because it came from you.


I Have $100


Ask him if there’s anything he has dreamed of learning or doing, yet he never got a chance to do it. He may dream of taking lessons about golfing, skydiving, tennis, or flying an airplane. Give your father a gift certificate or a ticket to an event he has always wanted to see. Then, you can help him chase his own dreams and he will enjoy every moment of it. So, think about ways that you can help him achieve something he has always desired.


In conclusion, no matter how much money you have to spend, you can find the perfect gift with a little bit of creativeness. Think of items within your budgeted amount and decide if it should be a homemade or store bought gift. In your heart, you know that he will appreciate the gift, just because it comes from you. Therefore, give your dad a gift that he will remember and treasure for a lifetime.









Origins of Flag Day-June 14th


June 14th is Flag Day.

June 14th is Flag Day.

What is it?

The Flag of the United States was first created in September 11, 1777, but the committee first discussed designing the flag in June 14, 1777. The Battle of Brandywine was the first battle where soldiers carried the new flag into a battle. According to the U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs (2009), President Woodrow Wilson declared that June 14th as the official Flag Day. Yet, it wasn’t until President Truman and Congress acted to make it an official holiday in 1949.

Why is Important?

However, today Old Glory is forgotten by so many Americans and many families have no idea that this holiday exists. Additionally, this day celebrates the immigrants, who have become new Americans who value our way of life. It is vital to celebrate the day which intertwined with America’s history and growth. As Americans, we should remember the sacrifices made by our ancestors, in order to build a new colony for those who wanted to live free.

Why Celebrate It?

Today, the U.S. flag is a reminder of those, who gave up all they had to start a new world where freedom is a right of all. In addition, it represents those who have died, in order to achieve  the freedom that most take for granted. However, during this holiday, take a moment to think of those men and women, who are still fighting for our freedom. Remember the moment in history that America, adopted Old Glory as the official flag of our nations.

How to Observe It?

Some families will display the flag in their front yard to show their dedication to our country and its history. Inviting families to come together and have a barbeque, while educating others about the holiday that is mostly forgotten. A night of fireworks and education will teach others about the history of our flag and how it is was born. Also, every community should get involved with celebrating this holiday.


Flag Day celebrations could educate others about this important day in American history, which made us a nation. Unfortunately, many families has forgotten about this holiday over the years, so it is time to remind them why Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th of every year. In addition, set aside this day to remind all families what Old Glory stands for. Therefore, every   American should observe and celebrate this major holiday with pride.



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