Why Did God Create You?

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

Jesus is there



Many people wonder why God created them, but the Bible says we were all created for God’s pleasure. I couldn’t wrap my own head around the fact that God made me for his pleasure. I am a sinner who doesn’t deserve God’s mercy or grace. How could God get pleasure for my sinful ways? Everyone sins and fall short of God’s glory. However, through Jesus, we can be forgiven of those sins and be cover by his blood sacrifice.

Rev. 4:12 (KJV) “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for Thou has created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

This verse means a lot to me, as someone who truly tries to remember every day to somehow bring God pleasure. I love writing, so I use my talent to try and make sense of my everyday stumbles. Sometimes, I feel like God is right there holding my hand but other times I feel he is distant. However, I truly believe that my sin blocks my relationship with God and I choose to repent. I know I am forgiven when I stumble and fall. He is there to lift me back up, because he loves me.

Psalms 72:13 (KJV) “He shall spare the poor and needy, and shall save the souls of the needy.”

So, now I try to take time to honor God every day. No matter the storm I am facing, I am trying to remember to pray and stay connected with God. I love reading and listening to my Bible, but I use a YOU VERSION app on my phone. I have been learning more and trying to always remember to thank God for each new day that I wake up. I am imperfect and I know that, but God wants me as I am. He can mold me into what he wants me to be with each new step.


Personal Opinion- God doesn’t make junk!**

**I cannot go to church as regular as I want, but I spend a lot of time praying and seeking God’s guidance in my life. God gives me so much, so I can spend time with God at home and I can work on my failures. I hope this devotional can help you in your walk with God. Keeping a prayer journal can help you learn how to give your problems to God and learn how to pray to him.**

 Thank you for reading and come back to visit.

©2016,Crystal S. Kauffman


My Life is Changing Fast!

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

©Crystal S. Kauffman

©Crystal S. Kauffman

This week, I sent my mom to the hospital by ambulance for an infection in her urinary tract, which required her being hospitalized for a few days. Now, that my mom needs more care than I can provide, I am looking at having to place her in assisted type of living facility. She needs hands on care, which I am truly unable to do for her, due to my own health issues and my disability. The hardest thing I ever had to do in a long time was to find three lovely dogs a permanent home.

I love rescuing animals, but right now I cannot provide financial care that the dogs need and help my mother as well. I am working on getting my mother the consistent care that she will need in near future. So, I have lost my babies and may have to send my mom to a place for long term care. Please pray for me or send positive thoughts, as I make the necessary changes that are needed at this time. Once, I get my mom settled, I can focus on my on health issues.

©Crystal S. Kauffman

©Crystal S. Kauffman

Tonight, I feel sad but I will overcome this feeling and keep my head held high as I transition in to a new arrangement with my mother. Thank for your support and prayers during this difficult time.©Crystal S. Kauffman

©Crystal S. Kauffman

I will miss my babies, but I am glad they have good homes. Thank you to all the people, who have helped me during this heartbreaking transition. Thank you to the new pet parents as well! We are able to keep our 10 year old Pitt Bull mix, who is a great companion.