Animal Lovers Needed Desperately

Are you an animal lover with a bleeding heart that loves to feed the neighborhood strays and helps find the strays a good loving home? If you enjoy working with household pets, you should volunteer at the vet’s office or at an animal shelter. Additionally, the pet rescuers need good foster homes and volunteers as well.

You may have to: clean out cages, feed them, bathe them, give medicine, take them for a walk, groom them, or play with them. If you are at home a lot, consider volunteering for a neighborhood vet and get to know the many different pets that need extra love. This is a rewarding way to spend your time throughout the day, instead of being bored at home. Like helping an animal shelter taking with a large bag of dog food and some old blankets.

You can volunteer to help the shelter for a few hours and you can go as often as you want to go. If you can’t volunteer, then consider becoming a foster family to a pet in need at the local shelter or at the local pet rescues. Sometimes they stay days and sometimes they can stay a lot longer due to problem finding a suitable home.

You can also open a small pet rescue and help save more dogs and cats from being euthanized or living in cage its whole life. Honestly, it is a big responsibility to care for a foster or pet rescue, but to save one animal is worth every moment you spend with them. Everyday, these places need someone to clean out the cat cages and dog cages, as well as give food and water to each animal.

The shelters need food donations, so ask your friends or your church group to help you raise up some donations through the community. Call your local animal shelter or pet rescue to see what kind of volunteer that they will need at this time. Spending time with each animal will give you immense joy and you will find yourself falling in love with each one.

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman
Copyrighted, 2018

Make Someone’s Day!

Mr. Perry and I Hanging Out

Do you have extra time on your hands during the day? Are you retired or just have a little bit of free time on your hands? Did you know you can brighten someone’s day, just by stopping by to visit with them. No matter what city you live in, you can meet different senior citizens that could use a friendly visit. They enjoy having a partner to play a game with or just a close friend to go for long walks with around the neighborhood. Visit local nursing homes and ask to be a volunteer, but be specific about the type of volunteering you would like to participate in.

Also, you can visit the elders from your church, local adult day care centers, or senior centers. Many senior citizens have to deal with failing health issues and they become what’s known as a shut-in. A friendly visit from you will make a person’s day, especially if you are their only visitor that day. Just seeing their smile when you come through their door is so heartwarming. Yet, satisfying because you know in your heart that you just made their day. They may need help cleaning up their home or preparing a meal for themselves.

Maybe you could read a book to them or treat them to movie date night. Sometimes, the seniors just want to go for a walk around the neighbor or get a ride to a local store. By volunteering and visiting whenever you can, you are making someone feel very special and loved by you. Take time to find out what your new friend enjoys doing and start making plans to hang out together. Become a volunteer and meet new friends that need you, instead of sitting at home and watching television. You will find that making someone feel special actually makes you feel special as well.

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman
Copyrighted 2018

Start Keeping A Thoughts Journal


Do you have many rapid thoughts that are running through your head? Are you looking for a different way to express your thoughts or feelings? Then, this project may be what you have needed. First, you will need a large 3-ring notebook and a pack of regular notebook paper. You will also need a pen and subject dividers with tabs. After you have gathered everything, be sure to assemble the notebook with some paper and a divider.

Label the tabs with names from your immediate family and friends. Pick one person to think about and write down your thoughts about this person. Do you love them or are you mad at them? Write down any of the thoughts you have about the person, which you have chosen to think about. A thought journal will allow you to share positive or negative or thoughts that you have about that person.

This personal thought journal can be written in at anytime, especially when you need to express or vent your feelings. Fortunately, you don’t have to share this project with anyone. Therefore, you can write anything that comes to your mind. A thought journal will help you safely vent your thoughts and sort out your feelings that are occupying your mind.

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman
Copyrighted 2018

My Professional Freelance Author’s Bio & Resume’

Glimpse Into My Life

Crystal S. Kauffman is a proud mom of two young adults, who are busy chasing their own dreams. Her favorite hobby has always been writing, but she first became a published freelance author/poet/songwriter in 1996.

Additionally, as of the year 2003, she became cervical cancer survivor (stage 2-B), which led to the creation of the Laugh at Cancer Organization in 2008 and the Laugh at Cancer Support Community that is currently a page on Facebook.

From 2005 to 2011, she decided to further her education, by enrolling and completing a writing course and then she completed two degree programs in college. She enjoys being with her family and helping others, as well as rescuing homeless animals and fostering them as needed.

Freelance Career

Ms. Crystal S. Kauffman has been completing quality freelance writing projects and designing business communications for online and offline clients since 2003.
However, she did not take freelance writing serious as a career, until June 2007 when she began writing content for online for several websites. She began networking with other freelance authors, who helped her in furthering her writing career.

Currently, she is an seasoned Freelance Author and Copywriter, who has also become a published author or poet since 1996. She individually designs and creates business communications which is able to help the client convey their message about their product. In 2007, she became a newly published songwriter, as well as creating and publishing her own personal blog.

Today, Ms. Kauffman has over sixteen years of freelance writing experience, which makes her a valuable asset to her potential clients. She has been building websites and blogging professionally, since the early stages of her freelance writing career. She decided to further her education, which allowed her to build a career as a freelance author. and other freelance writing services to clients.

Freelance Services

She can meet her clients communication needs online and offline. Ms. Kauffman will create copy for individuals and small businesses. If you need help with any freelance writing project. Thankfully, many different clients have allowed Ms. Kauffman to complete their projects. Along the way, she gained many clients and she evaluable experience in freelance writing.

She has over sixteen years of freelance writing experience that has helped her grow into an educated author. Ms. Kauffman is ready to work closely with her online or offline clients, as they create the best freelance work that will express their company’s brand or written message.

For an honest yet affordable estimate for your next freelance communication project, please contact Crystal S. Kauffman by email:
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Provided Services

Press Releases
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Please contact Ms. Crystal S. Kauffman for a affordable estimates on her freelance writing services. project that you may need assistance with whether its online or offline. Thank you for your consideration.

Crystal S. Kauffman’s Freelance Writing Resume

Blogging-(2007 till Present) I built my two personal blogs in 2007, but I have rebuilt them many times over the past eleven years. Basically, I enjoy writing on assorted topics and diverse issues. I also manage my blog’s guest bloggers and approve the blog postings after they are submitted. However, I currently work as a guest blogger for a couple of different blog owners.
Ghostwriting Ads for Small Businesses Owners (2009-Present) I wrote ads, designed fliers, and created brochures for different business professionals. I worked with the client, so I could clearly convey the company’s message through written advertisements and creating quality brochures or fliers. These completed ads are given directly to the client, who generally decided where the advertisement would be used online or offline.

Freelance Writing (2003-Present) Helping clients with online and offline by completing freelance writing projects or advertising projects. Additionally, I helped out with other forms of business communications, whether online or offline. I built websites and created social media accounts, in order to help the client learn different ways of communicating with potential customers. I sent and wrote emails for clients to advertise their products or services with, while teaching the client how to manage their social media accounts. I wrote press releases and web content, which were usually placed on the client’s blog or web site.

Write W.A.V.E. Media (Present Day) I am a network contributor, who enjoys writing on various topics like: animals and crime as well as other topics. I advertise my writing on several social networks and other advertising platforms.

Yahoo! Contributor Network (July 2007-Until Network was Closed) I was a writing contributor on several topics like: wild animals, ocean animals, freelance writing tips, healthcare issues, and diverse verses of poetry. I was responsible for contributing well written articles for publishing within the community’s network. Additionally, I was responsible for marketing my work on social networks and other networks to advertise links to my published content and poetry.

Helium (2007-Closed) I worked as a contributing writer for the Helium Community, until it closed down a few years ago. I created articles on various topics within the writing community. I also rated articles from my peers and entered contests, which I actually won twice. I advertised my own writing links on social media and other advertising platforms.

University of Phoenix
Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2011

University of Phoenix
Associate’s Degree in Arts of Business in 2008

Institute of Children’s Literature
Freelance Writing Course for Children and Teenagers 2006

New Release from ZitrO Publications: The Heart of Justice

Heart of justice cover-Jerrona

Childhood lovers, Justice and Rocky, shared a bond that seemed unbreakable until Rocky is suddenly locked up. The devastation from the loss leaves Justice feeling broken.

Enters Damien, a successful entrepreneur who seems to have it all but there’s just one thing he’s lacking—true love.

When faced with a heart wrenching decision, Justice is forced to come face to face with her past. The fight for her heart will lead to pain, jealousy, and insanity. But as they say, all is fair in love and war…..

Author Jerrona Campbell Kindle Page

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An Urgent Plea: To Help One of My Closest Friends Lay Her Eldest Son to Rest. PLEASE READ!!!

tony JR

My close friend since grade school, Jennifer Lunsford Bryan, lost her eldest son Anthony “Tony” Woods Jr. yesterday on 12/03/2014. She and I grew up together in the same neighborhood and had many of the same friends, as we grew up. I am asking for my friends and fans to help her in any way they can to help her lay her son to rest.

Tony Jr. was an adult, so Jennifer did not have any life insurance coverage on him anymore. Honestly, Jennifer is a hard-working Dental Assistant and her Husband Charles, is a cable man who works very hard to support his growing family. Jennifer has several younger children and one on the way, which is a little boy and he is due this month or next. Tony Jr. leaves behind a full-blooded brother named Chris Woods. Furthermore, he leaves behind several half-siblings that will miss him very much.

Jennifer IS NOT asking for a handout, just enough help to lay Tony to rest or cremate him. Jennifer is requesting that you send only a small donation of $1 or $5, instead of flowers or cards at this time so they can use the donations to lay Tony to rest. Additionally, Jennifer is asking for time to grieve and she will reach out, whenever she is ready to do so.

Funeral arrangements will be announced once they have be organized, but until the please keep this entire family Jennifer’s Family and Tony Wood’s Sr. family in your prayer, because they have suffered a significant loss. This was Jennifer’s and Tony’s Sr. eldest son, who may be gone but he shall never be forgotten. If you can help the family in any way, please PM or email me for any questions that you may have. I am in direct contact with Jennifer and can give you a timely answer.

As soon as the donation account has been made at a bank, I will edit and post the information here.

We all love you Jennifer and family!

Diagnosed with a Severe UTI


Has anyone else experienced this? For months, I have been having issues my bladder. Unfortunately, my bladder always hurt from the cancer treatment 11 years ago. Plus, it is overactive and doesn’t empty well. SO, I am always running to the bathroom.

 I went to my regular doctor on 8/5 and she gave me some antibiotics. After running test she confirmed that I had an UTI.  Once, I had completed those antibiotics, I still felt like something was wrong. My back near my kidneys heart and my bladder hurt really bad, especially when I went to bathroomI

Yesterday, I starting peeing blood and a lot of it. with blood clots. By the way, aggressive cervical cancer treatment took away my menstrual, so I knew that I wasn’t just having monthly visitor. Immediately, I called my Aunt Donna and she advised calling the doctor, so I called and was told to go the ER. Well now, I am on another set of antibiotics and I truly hope this time it helps. Well, the ER doctor acted like it was no big deal, he even said it was common. I was stunned, but I made it through and I am still hurting a lot. I am so blessed it was not something life-threatening. 

I would love to hear your story or suggestions that may help me keep these UTI’s at bay.? Next stop…Urologist I hope!

Copyright 2014, Crystal S. Kauffman