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Princess Crystal Says is a Freelance Writer Extraordinaire and a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2011. She has over 20 years of experience in creating and designing all types and forms of business communications. Additionally, she also graduated with an Associate Degree in Arts of Business in 2008. She enjoys working with her clients, because she enjoys treating them like royalty on every project that is completed.




Need an Editor or Mentor?



Services that are Tailored Just For to You

Princess Crystal is the co-founder of the Princess of Communications services and the Royal Network.

Many of our monthly membership plans are available now to every author and small business owner, who would like to join our network. We also offer our services to anyone who request our services as a guest as well. Take a few minutes to check out all of the different projects I am and skill thhat we have completed so far. Several services are available. so lets chat and discuss how I can help you.


My Services and Skills that are Available Now…

(I can work with a tight budget. Let’s chat about your writing goals. Build your dreams!)

Virtual Assistant
Press Releases
Fliers (Online/Offline)

Web Content SEO Content Blogging Emails Speeches Copywriter
Greeting Cards Personalized Poetry Social Networking Social Media Management
Interviews Product Reviews Book Reviews Rewriting
Blog Pages Blog Post
Blog Management
Building Websites Building Blogs
(Platforms like Weebly, WordPress, or Blogger)
Devotionals Letters Resumes Motivational Speeches

Special Requests Eulogies Ghost Writing


Helping young authors.
Networking with other freelancers

Budget Friendly Freelance Services Are Available!

Princess Crystal is currently writing articles for several websites, while maintaining her own network of websites/blogs. She enjoys building on WordPress (blogs or websites) and other web or blog building platforms as well for all client’s that need help.

Ms. Kauffman is currently available for hire and will work closely with you to

Guest Blog Post

For an honest yet affordable estimate for your next freelance project that you need built or written, please contact Crystal S. Kauffman by email: princessofcommunication@gmail.com

Facebook Messenger: http://facebook.com/princesscrystalsays

What Story Will You Leave Behind?

Consider hiring Princess Crystal for your next communications or freelance writing or project! Princess Crystal’s online portfolio is part of this website/blog, so please check out the Writing Samples page.

Thank you for stopping by!




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