Avoid Click, Click…Boom Moments!

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By, Crystal S. Kauffman

There are going to be times when you will find out certain things that may hurt or upset you about someone you love. Focus on maintaining your composure and gather your thoughts before you decide to react to the revelation. Sometimes, you must deal with the pain of knowing the truth. Stay silent, but inside you are putting different things together about a person that you have never noticed before.

Each new frame that rolls in your mind will be different snapshots and memories that you have stored in your mind over time. As the pictures, conversations, and actions begin to line up perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. Honestly, you are now fast approaching an uncontrollable angry explosion, which is known as a click, click…boom moment! Unfortunately, you know the truth based on your own perception of what you have seen or heard.

These thoughts stir up your anger, while you fight to hold back the spontaneous combustion that you know is quickly coming. Stop allowing these thoughts to dominate your mind, instead distract yourself with watching funny videos or listening to upbeat music. Don’t focus on the pain you feel, instead be thankful that you now know the absolute truth and start changing your part in the narrative of your story.

Walk away and let it go, because it is not healthy to hold anger in or to allow it to fester due to the pain you feel at this moment. Stay strong and keep moving away from them, until you are no longer part of their life. Try to identify or learn what triggers your angry outbursts and learn to let go for peace sakes. Remember that becoming angry is natural, but letting your temper explode on your family and friends is not.

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Zoology: What is it?

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

©Crystal S. Kauffman

©Crystal S. Kauffman

The study of the animal’s behavior has lead to the well known theory of “natural selection”. Therefore, each animal has personal needs that must be met, in order to survive in nature or in captivity. According to Biology-Online, the study of zoology is a branch on biology, which studies different animals and the way they live their life. Most zoologists believe that studying animals and their behavior can teach us a lot about humans and their behavior. Some notable zoologists are: Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Jeff Corwin, or Steve and Terry Irwin of the Australia Zoo.

These scientists are studying their breeding habits, personality traits, and what they eat on a daily basis. The zoologist actually studies the animal’s home, in their own habitat or in captivity at a zoo or other place. According to Bolhus & Giraldeau, zoology was first studied by British and German laboratories, in the nineteenth century and it has evolved over the years. Many scientists have studied the theory of “natural selection”, which was researched by many different passionate scientists. Each one has strived to become one with the animal, but they also learn to have a healthy respect for each animal they studied.

Their work and passion is allowing us to understand the animal’s behavior in stressful and social situations. The zoologists are learning how animals relate to their own kind, to other animals, and to humans. According to Bolhus & Giraldeau, by learning how they are raising their offspring, wildlife organizations can save many wounded animals. A zoologist job’s is very important and many zoos hire them, in order to care for the animals. They study how animals behave, especially when they are friendly or when they feel threatened.

There are many classifications of animals that are being studied by scientists, who are called zoologists. According to Biology-Online, most spiders are classified separate from insects, since their anatomy is built differently. Some zoologist study Paleontology, in order to learn what extinct animals and fossils were like, when they roamed the earth. Others study the Entomology, which is learning about insects and their behaviors.

Some scientist study Mammalogy, which includes animals that carry and give birth to their young. Most mammals feed their baby milk and they are warm-blooded, like humans and dolphins. According to Biology-Online, some animals are classified as Herpetology, since they are reptiles or amphibians. These animals are cold-blooded and lay eggs at birth, like turtles or frogs. Actually, snakes and lizards are studied under this branch of zoology, since they lay eggs are cold blooded as well

However, some animals are called arachnids and the scientific name for their branch of zoology is Arachnology. Most people associate this branch of study with spiders that have more than six legs and lay eggs in a sack. According to Bolhus & Giraldeau, the different behaviors of animals are studied by an Ethologist, who also documents each species behavior. Scientist called Ornithologist, actually study birds, by examining how they live and what they eat.

Another type of scientist is an Ichthyology, they study fish and how they survive in the ocean and fresh water without air. According to Biology-Online, a zoologist mainly studies the behavior of animals and how they live in their own natural habitat. A zoologist can choose to study all types of animals or they may pick a branch, which allows them to study one type of species like snakes or birds.

Basically, there are mainly two types of animals; one is herbivores or a plant eaters and the other is a carnivore or a meat eater. According to Biology-Online, these scientists study the different species of animals and their unique habits. Some zoologists are studying a specific animal’s habitat, but some are studying a variety of animals and their behavior. They each observe and chart the interesting stuff they learn, in order to teach future generations all about these amazing animals.

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Bonnie Lynn Pasciuto Haim: Missing Since 1993

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer



Recently, the Bonnie Lynn Pasciuto Haim missing person’s case took a drastic turn, when a skull was found by a construction crew. According to News4Jax.com, the police were dispatched on Dec 14, 2014, to the backyard of the home Bonnie shared with her husband Michael Haim, when the construction crew who was tearing out and old pool and found a skull. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has announced that the skull was in fact human, but they have yet to identify the remains.

According to New4Jax.com , Bonnie Lynn Pasciuto Haim was reported missing on January 6, 1993 and she was subsequently declared dead in 1999. She was a 23 year old wife, mother, and a business woman. She was a native of Jacksonville, FL. and lived in a house on Dolphin Ave. on the River City’s north side. Bonnie had a beautiful smile, which has always captured the hearts of those she love and those who knew her in life.

However, now this smile has captured Jacksonville residents for two decades after being declared missing. This case went cold for over two decades, but not by those who loved and cared about her. According to New4Jax.com , her family has always believed that the husband had killed her, but they have to wait even longer to get closure in this case. She was a beautiful yet vibrant young woman, who loved her son Aaron. He was about three years old when she went missing and was presumed dead.

Many stories have come out about her son possibly seeing the murder of his mom and Michael Haim lost custody of his son. According to News4Jax.com , a civil judgment, was found liable for her death and asked to pay millions to the couple’s son and to Bonnie Haim’s estate. However, Michael Haim now lives in Tennessee and has refused to comment on the latest discovery. The family is looking to get justice for their loved one, who was taken from them over two decades ago. If you have any information, please call the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office or Crimestoppers.


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Understanding the Responsibilities of Exotic Snake Ownership

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer



The Burmese Python and other exotic snakes have been getting bad press coverage lately in South Florida. I have decided to investigate the actual meaning of being a responsible owner of one of these exotic snakes. I found many interesting website that will educate a new snake owner. These snakes need special types of housing and care, so the new owner must be prepared to accommodate their growing needs.

Knowledge is Power

Before buying the snake, a person needs to consider the expenses associated with buying these exotic animals. The animal will require veterinarian care, special housing, live animals, and so much more as they grow. Take time to study and know what type of snake that you are interested in owning. Many new snake owners buy the snake as a baby and don’t realize how big they can become. In the right conditions and housing, these exotic snakes can grow to an enormous size and length.

Veterinarian Care

Every year or so, the snake will need a check-up or other medical care, but emergencies will pop up from Time to time as well. Take time, before purchasing a snake and find a vet that is able to treat reptiles like snake and lizards. Not every veterinarian will offer this type of care, but the potential snake owner should look around for a local vet that offers this specialized care. Ask other reptile owners and pet shop personnel about the veterinarian that tends to their reptiles.

Special Housing

The snake will need an escape proof wooden cage that will allow the snake to grow for several years before having to be replaces. Most people build their own reptile enclosure, but they must be sure to consult a reptile cage building website before attempting to build one. An owner should never use a standard fish aquarium for housing, because the snake can escape once it grows bigger and stronger. The snake should have clean housing as well, in order to keep the snake from getting sick.

Live Animals

Snakes will eat small animals several times a week, but the amount will be based on their size and weight. They eat live rabbit and rats, which can cost the owner a lot of money after they begin to grow larger. These animals can be purchased at a local pet shop, but some snake owner breed their own small animals to cut the cost down. However, if an owner is squeamish they may not be able to handle feeding the snake live animals.


An exotic snake require special care, as well as a responsible owner who can give them the proper care that they need. The potential snake owner should do his or her homework and interact with other snake owners. The snake will need the new owner to provide proper medical care, escape-proof housing, and live animals for the snake to stay healthy. However, this type of care can get expensive, so the potential snake owner should weigh the cost before making the purchase.


Personal Experience

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Remembering a Loved one

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

©Crystal S. Kauffman

©Crystal S. Kauffman

Do you ever think of me?
Are your truly happy and free?
I am weak and sad tonight,
Embrace me with your heavenly light.

My heart is empty and blue,
Everyday is painful without you.
The cancer took you away,
I miss you in every way.

You suffered and died so quick,
After the illness made you so sick.
Each memory blows me apart,
The anger has captured my heart.

Hold me, as I face my fears,
Can you wipe away my tears?
Why did you have to die?
Will the tears ever dry?

©2008, Crystal S. Kauffman

Do You Have An Illness Support System?

Zachary, Miranda, Me, and Trey-c. Part of my support system.

Zachary, Miranda, Me, and Trey-c. Part of my support system.

As a cancer patient or a caregiver, you will learn so much about a devastating disease that rarely leaves survivors. Everyone is hoping and praying for a cure to be found quickly, but more research is needed in order for this to happen. However, there are other ways, in which you can help yourself fight to live. This will be a spiritual, physical, emotional journey for everyone around you.

Laugh Everyday

Learning to laugh every day, no matter what you may be facing in the future is important for anyone touched by cancer. Start by finding a sense of hope, in the midst of an unsure future and pain beyond description. Cancer sucks, but we most make the most out of the time we have with our families. Don’t fret over the small things, instead go out and have a day of fun that your loved one will never forget.

Focus on You

Next, look for a hobby or spend the night dancing with someone you love. Spend time doing the things you love, like taking a vacation to the mountains or visit an amusement park. Always find new ways, to help you beat the cancer blues and the fear involved in the cancers. Current research shows that loneliness and sadness lead to a quicker death. So, go have fun, instead of feeling helpless and frustrated with your current situation.

Create Memories

Then, be sure to write a book about your life, as a keepsake for your family and their children. In addition, you could make a scrapbook for each of your children, but first you will need to gather up your favorite pictures. Try to forget your troubles and focus on pleasing yourself instead, since most doctors agree the laughter is the best medicine. Be sure to get your daily dose and pass it on to your loved one and friends.

Get Healthy

Research has show that changing old habits will help you live longer, so quit smoking and adopt a low fat diet. Remember to eat lots of veggie and fruits, in order to build up your body’s immune system. Exercise regularly, in order to maintain your physical strength and health. Start slowly and work your way up to 30 minutes of Cardio exercise a day. Then, you will want to add strength training into your daily routine.


Enjoy the precious gift of life that you were given, no matter what you are facing tomorrow or in the future. Furthermore, lean on your faith for spiritual comfort, while traveling on this bumpy road. It is necessary to make yourself happy and change your unhealthy habits, so you will begin thriving. Therefore, focus on learning to live and laugh, because it is another important step toward becoming a healthy survivor!

My Husband and my son. They are also part of my support system.

My Husband and my son. They are also part of my support system.


My husband Karl

My Husband Karl

Making Math Fun

math is fun

Did you know that your children can learn to master math, by doing simple everyday tasks? As your child interacts with their parent, they learn many new things. These basic skills are essential for their social and intellectual development. One of the most important things for your children to learn… is how to count! Then, they can learn simple addition and subtraction, by fun quizzing games using their favorite toys.

Every parent can help their children, by using everyday situations to enhance their basic mathematics skills. For instance, allow your child to help gather and count the ingredients needed for the recipe. Next, let your child add up the ingredients that are necessary to make a special dish. Counting cookies, sliced tomatoes, or even dry noodles; will strengthen your child’s basic math skills.

Parents can teach subtraction, by allowing their children to count the candy that they are eating. Even at the grocery store, parents can allow their children to count. They can also help load the shopping cart and try to figure out the total. Some children also enjoy grabbing the items off the shelves. So, stop and let them count, how many items that they are putting in the shopping cart.

Even walks around the neighborhood, parents can let children how many houses from their house. When a parent participates in counting, children perceive it as a interactive game. So, remember that they can count many different things in your neighborhood. For example, they can count cars, people, and signs that they pass every day to school.

Parents can use every day interaction to teach their child new things. As a child learns the value of money, parents can help them learn to add and subtract. While they save up for something they want, they will learn how to budget money. Most parents are  allowing a child to earn and spend money, which teaches them how to manage their own money. Parents should give them small notebook, in order to add and subtract the money they earn or spend.

This way, they will help them understand, the actual value of money. Plus, they will learn how to keep track of what they spend. Always try to keep learning fun and take plenty of breaks, since children have short attention spans. Start looking for ways to help your child, especially if you spot something that your child is weak in. Teaching children simple math skills is daily process, which requires parental involvement.

Furthermore, with a little added fun, you will see your child’s math grades improve. Sometimes children will be uninterested in learning math of any kind. So, be creative, when looking for way to gain your child’s interest. As the children get older, let them help figure out what household bills are owed. Then, let them help set and maintain the household expenses.

All ages of children, will respond when you combine learning and fun. If you have a computer, you can find many web sites that will help teach your children math. Many are games or easy to complete worksheets, which will help build your child’s skills also. On completion of the worksheet, look for ways to reward their hard work. Therefore, you will find that your child is becoming a master of mouth…one day at a time!

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