Temptation Moved In Next Store

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By, Imogen Rayne

Two months ago, temptation literally moved in next store to me. I became anxious and worried about my own path to recovery as an recovering addict. I have over two years clean from an addiction to Crack cocaine. I didn’t use regularly, but I fell too many times into an addiction trying to beat an addiction to opiates.

First of all, I became angry to see the dealer pull up to his house. Then, I got even angrier when he borrowed something from me and it didn’t matter what it was. Honestly, I never really fought the urge to use that drug again, but I fought the urge to not feel the pain that I feel ever since my cancer treatment within my stomach, back, and legs.

I am so proud of myself, because I was able to truly overcome the devil and keep moving forward in my own recovery and my life. For a moment, I did become weak and I immediately leaned on my support system. They each guided me in the steps to take daily as this drug is displayed in my face on a regular basis.

Most of all, I am praying for the addict, which is all I can do to be honest. I am damn proud of myself for continuing to rock sobriety, even when others thought I would not make it in my sober journey. Additionally, I have had a stable home for nine months and I have worked hard to make amends with my family and friends.

If you are rocking sobriety, give me a “Hell yeah” in the comments!

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Stop Worrying and Count Each Blessing

count your blessings

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Are you constantly worrying about everything so much that you are now dealing with anxiety, which has required medications to stay calm? Does the medication make you feel off your game, which makes you doubt yourself in your career? It is easy for others to say stop worrying, because they are not wearing your shoes or living your life. However, I want to give a way to combat the negativity that consumes your mind and body whenever you spend precious energy worrying about stuff you can and cannot control.

I challenge you to join me in counting each blessing throughout the day and let’s see if we can combat this anxiety together. No matter what you believe, you can find blessings all throughout you’re day and night if you think about it. First, just waking up in the morning is a blessing; as well as having food to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  If you have a job, then that is another blessing and having a vehicle is another major blessing. Once you start looking and counting your blessings, you will notice that you have a lot of reasons to smile instead of frown.

No matter what you day holds, just count your blessings and focus on looking for new ones that are happening to you. You may have a job promotion, a raise in pay, or some other positive thing happen to you. Count all of those and you will notice your anxiety disappear and you will be smiling more, while others are dealing with severe anxiety. Then, you can inspire them to count their many blessings and you may even watch them smile again.

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Caution: An Organized Life is Ahead!

By, Crystal S. Kaufman

In recovery programs, you will learn more about building a solid structure in your daily routine. Most people feel less anxiety whenever they are following a strict routine, which details exactly what they do each and every day. However, some patients like to wait and see what happens, but that is not a recommended practice when you are trying to become sober.

The idea planning their own life is actually difficult for an addict, who is used to waiting on whatever happens next. However, the greatest part of recovery is learning to create a schedule and sticking to it everyday. Depending on what type of cell phone you use; you will be able to find apps that can fit any need you have.You will find an appointment book, reminders, notepad, journal, and more under the App store on Apple or Google Play store on Android,

These amazing tools who will go a long way and help you plan out your day, week, and month. You can set reminders to make phone calls, take medicine, appointment or meetings, and anything else you may need reminding about. With a little bit of help, you can become a better planner which will help you stay focused.

Becoming more organized will help you love yourself, because you will no longer feel like a failure. Change the way you see yourself and you will also change the way others see you as well. Learn all the ways you can organize your life, since only you can change you! Don’t forget to always start your day out by opening up your appointment organizer or your calendar application. You will never worry about missing anything again, as long as you always write down your appointment details or take notes.

Start Organizing Now!

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Changing Your Inner Circle

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Are you living with an addictive personality, but you are sober right now? If so, then you need to change some keys things in your life right now! Separate yourself from everyone that will help feed your addiction, as well as anyone who chooses to use drugs themselves. Chase your sobriety like you chased the high that you craved from the drugs you chose to use.

Protecting yourself and your mind from bad influences that are lurking inside your inner circle truly is the only way to manage your addictions. Family and friends can influence you in ways that any other person could not. The only way to control your addictions is to stay away from those who are actively using. Honestly, you cannot just say that their use will not affect you, because it absolutely will tempt you.

Remember that you will always live with an addictive personality and you will need to manage your sobriety just like any other chronic disease. Recovery is possible, once you become honest with yourself and others. Asking for help is so vital to becoming and maintaining a sober lifestyle. Active remove people out of your life that have chosen to feed their addiction. Don’t give up and don’t stay anywhere near active users, because you will relapse.

You know these people are no longer someone you will want to hang around. Temptation is around every corner, so be sure to keep you inner circle drug free. After cleansing your inner circle, begin adding family and friends who are supportive and will hold you accountable when you start going down the wrong path again.
Cutting active users will help you, as you begin the brutal process of healing the pain that you were trying to numb with the drugs. Don’t be afraid to get help from a psychiatrist or counselor, since mental health issues can trigger a relapse. Fight for your life and sobriety, because choosing to feed your addiction may kill you.

Start protecting yourself by cutting all contact with active drug users and surround yourself with loved ones who encourage you to stay sober. There are support groups online that you can talk with anytime of the day and night. When you are struggling to make it through the day, just remember to breathe and get through the moment of weakness. Therefore, take an honest inventory of your friends and family members before their influence can poison your mind.

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(I am not a licensed therapist. Based on my personal experience.)

Thoughts About Life Suckers

life suckers

Sometimes, your life can become so overwhelming at times that your chest walls are squeezing so hard like you are in Cardiac Arrest. Next, your breathing will become labored and you may have experienced issues with just trying to catch your breath. Don’t freak out, because it is not an emergency with your physical health but it is a medical condition that will require your immediate attention. You have entered into a full-blown panic attack, which is actually a symptom of a medical condition that is known as Anxiety.  

At this point, it is time to call a psychiatrist and begin evaluating your daily life, as well as identifying the life suckers that are in your daily life. The term life suckers refer to the people in your daily life that excessively needy. These people can literally drain years off your life, due to the extreme amount of stress or drama that this type of person brings into your life. Now, you must step back from everything in your daily circle and pinpoint the life sucker that is draining your life force. 

I bet your thinking to yourself that you have several people in your life, who are extremely needy that they actually suffocate you as a person. The person sucks the joy, peace, hope, and happiness out of your life by making your life miserable. This type of person feeds off the negative energy that they create in your life, by their bad behavior or their negative attitude. They lack respect for your life and mental health because life suckers don’t care about anyone but themselves. 

Just breathe…No matter what! Keep your head held high and limit this person or persons interaction with you. The negative impact on your lifeforce can cause you to lose your peace of mind or it can actually kill you. Stress will make you physically and mentally sick because it causes major damage inside of your body, which is why life suckers can become deadly to you. Therefore, take inventory of the people in your life and figure out what caused you to experience a panic attack. 

Copyrighted by, Crystal S. Kauffman, 2018 

Mental Health & Stress Level Can Affect Your Overall Health

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer



Stress can have different affects on the human body, which is why there is not a one medication or approach to handling mental stresses in life. Some people try using stress management techniques, but they don’t always work. Whenever, you are in the stressful situation, sometimes these techniques you have learned will help. Other times, they don’t work and you may get angry at the situation you are in that is causing stress or depression.

Therefore, there are other tips and tricks that someone can try, in order to relieve their anxiety or stress. The stress management techniques focus on helping a person change themselves or their situation whenever they can. However, sometimes a person cannot change a stressful in their life for didn’t reason. These situations can cause too much stress and anxiety, which may lead to a depressive mood.

A person needs to change their way thinking and behavior, when learning healthier ways to cope with the situation. They begin by changing their thoughts, their lifestyle, emotions, and the way the react to certain situations. However, some people need other ways to alleviate stress like: physical activity, keeping a journal, medication, and prayer or spiritual help. Keeping a stress journal can help patient or the doctor to discover exactly what the stress triggers are and how they can avoid those stresses all together.

Some people will need medication to help their anxiety level, while other can do simple breathing exercises. Many people just need to take time out of their busy day and stop to relax while smelling the roses. The patient can get on the right treatment plan and start their journey towards feeling better. Additionally, the patient’s mental health and stress level can make them sick and cause other issues like: anxiety or depression.

A person should never be afraid to ask for help, because they just might find healthier ways to handle stressful situations. Learning new coping techniques can help lessen the stress level that a person is dealing with. An overwhelming stress can affect a person’s mental and physical health, but exercise and learning healthy coping skills can help alleviate stress. Therefore, it is important for people of all ages to see a doctor, whenever they are feeling overwhelmed by the stresses in their life.

Personal Experience

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A Family’s Struggle with Hoarding (Chapter 6)


Lately, Mandy has been made feel guilty, as if she has done everything wrong for the last five days due to  her mother’s negative attitude toward her each day. Dolly has been bringing in more stuff or junk, but refuses to go through she already has piled up in kitchen and liven room. She has bought Christmas supplies in that she bought and too many tables, both small and large! This type of behavior from Dolly has really frustrated Mandy and her husband Kyle, because Dolly just tells them to “shut up and leave her alone”, whenever they say anything about the amount of junk she brings in.

Unfortunately, now Mandy or Kyle are dealing with moving more of her stuff, in order to find certain dishes that they may need or to reach the dining room table. However, they cannot sit at the same table together: due to her stuff surrounding it, being on top of it, and being underneath it. They need a new or better stove, because it only has one burner working. Recently, Dolly gets angry or mad over the simplest things like: moving her boxes, throwing her trash away, and just generally cleaning up the kitchen.

Honestly, it is the frustrating to have limited access to dishes and other things that we may need while one of us is cooking. Just this week, she has brought home over fifty different items, which she got through Lola. Mandy’s best friend is Lola, so she has talked to Lola about not giving her any more stuff to bring home. However, Dolly goes down to Lola’s to beg for something she is going to put in yard sale, so she feels sorry for Dolly and gives in to her wants.

Nevertheless, Mandy’s best friend Lola hasn’t been around much, so Mandy has been feeling alone and stuck in a place that she doesn’t want to be. Thankfully, Lola helps Mandy get her mind off of the negative stuff and helps her focus on the positive things that she has in her life. For example, Mandy just stays in her room and tries to ignore her mother’s constant yelling by watching TV, as well as playing with her two dogs, listening to e-books, and writing.

Unfortunately, every day there is an argument over clothing, food, and anything else that Dolly feels belongs to her. So far, Mandy has pleaded with her mother to stop the yelling and constant screaming, but day after day it continues for whatever reason when Dolly gets in a nasty mood. Mandy just tries to ignore the arguing and fighting about stupid stuff, since she can get more clothes and she can get her own food.

Additionally, she feels berated and belittled by her own mother, which is hard to stomach sometimes and hard to handle mentally as well. Therefore, Mandy began seeking help through a psychiatrist and a counselor, which has helped. Especially, one she began taking mood stabilizers and anxiety medications, but her mom will always be a trigger for Mandy. She doesn’t want be disrespectful to her mother Dolly, but in many ways Mandy has became the parent and Dolly has became the spoiled child.

The role reversal has given Mandy things to think about, but what others suggest just will not work on her mother right now. She is defiant, greedy, and can be very nasty at times when she doesn’t get her way. Unfortunately, Dolly will do things behind everyone’s back and by the time we find out about it, it is usually too late to take back. Mandy prays that one day, she can teach her mother the right way to love somebody. Instead of what she was taught, which is to buy things for those you love as a form of showing that person love. Changes can be difficult, yet with God’s help, patience, long-suffering, and faith can change anyone.

(2014, Crystal S. Kauffman)