Hobbies Are Vital…

“Learning Yoga” Copyright 2019, Crystal S. Kauffman

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

There are other things to do to take your mind off things. You need to find people who enjoy the same hobbies that you do. However, you could also learn new obvious that your new friends like.

There are things like fishing, boating, bowling, mudding, racing, horseback riding, and so much more. Look for new things to do, instead of sitting at home and staying stuck inside your own head.

You can find things that do not include other people or a lot of money. However, you may find something that may interest you need to take time to explore new things you and your friends that you have made since you turned your life around.

Never allow anyone to make you feel like there is nothing to do now that you are sober and in recovery. A new life has just begun for you and you should explore new hobbies and friends who live a clean life.

You can make friends at local AA or NA groups, as well as local online groups. Don’t give up on making new friends or new hobbies, just because you’re having a setback at the moment.

Take time to learn from every setback and every new obstacle that you may encounter on your journey. You have the power to change your life, once you’re beaten your demons and have entered recovery.

Look around online for new forms of exercise like: CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts to name a few. This new routine of exercising will help you avoid gaining weight once you slay your demons and become sober. Furthermore, Stress can also be managed by creating a regular release system through exercise or new hobbies.

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Voices on the Wind

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer 




The golden leaves are blowing,

A crystal blue river is flowing,

Birds are singing just above,

As I look for the perfect love.


The wind is blowing in my ear,

Is that your gentle voice I hear?

I look around only to see,

No one is standing close to me.


The sun is shining along the river,

Cooling air makes my body quiver.

I feel your warm and loving embrace,

But, the sunlight hides your face.


Only a moment will pass,

Will the peaceful feeling last?

I feel you touch my soul again,

Are you speaking through the wind?


©Crystal S. Kauffman, 2010

Book Review: The Path of the Child

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer


Book Review: The Path of the Child

Written by, Sojourner McConnell

The author Sojourner McConnell wrote a fantastic story about a girl named Melonie Easton. Throughout the story the author gives you a deeper glimpse into the child’s life. The child was a lonely child, who felt unloved and unwanted. As Melonie got older she began drowning herself into learning new things at school and through reading. As she becomes a teen, her life begins to change in many different ways. She makes a friend and they become close, during a period of new beginnings and tragic loss.

This story is well written and provokes deep emotions that allow you to connect with each of the characters in the story. This author has brought the story and its characters to life in this book. Ms. McConnell has done a fantastic job in making her characters memorable. I actually look forward to reading more books that are written by this author.

Take a moment to read this book yourself, because you won’t be disappointed!

Fantastic book.


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Butterfly Reborn

By, Lilly Maxwell, Guest Writer

Lilly Maxwell

©Lilly Maxwell

Love tore me up inside,
How it lied and broke my heart.
Then I met him and he smiled,
He said hi and made me sigh.

Something was different,
Love has been gone so long.
He asked me, “If I could be his?”
Of course, “I said yes!”

He hugged me and warmed my heart,
He kissed me and it lingered on my lips.
I’m his special girl and he is my love,
We are all one of a kind now!

©2016, Lily Maxwell

Meet Some Special Orphans Who Need Sponsors

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer


©Kakande Muhamad

Meet a Volunteer: Kakande Muhamad

I am Kakande Muhamad and I am a volunteer, who is running the Reallife Orphanage Home. I am a native thirty-two-year-old, who is currently caring for twenty children. Additionally, I am working with several volunteers to care for these lovely children. Some of these children have lost their parents in the war, some were abandoned, and others lost their parents to illnesses like HIV/AIDS. These children are vulnerable and need sponsors to get the daily food, and medications or school items.


©Kakande Muhamad

Our Mission at the Orphanage

As volunteers our mission is to provide, love, support, and daily care for the vulnerable children in the slum communities near our orphanage. Our long term goal is to find each child a permanent home and someone to love them. Currently, we need sponsors that can help us keep the orphanage open, as well as help provide these children with their daily needs. We need food that will not perish like beans, maize, rice, and other foods that help nourish these precious children.

How I Began Helping These Special Kids

I was born and grew up in Bwaise neighborhood which is a slum, but during this time I saw many children die for many reasons. I have seen children thrown into water channels or drainage systems, which hurt me deeply, because these poor children died. Unfortunately, I have also seen other children living in old broken down houses and along the streets. These children would sleep wherever they could sleep and I wanted to do something to help the orphans in my own community.

After seriously soul searching, I decided to open an orphanage, which does not turn these vulnerable children and babies away. However, I need to have sponsors to help me keep the orphanage open and caring for these special children. We must pay house rent, as well as get the daily things children need like food and bathing supplies. The children’s sponsors will also help buy clothes, mosquito nets (Malaria Protection), medicine, and educational needs.

Meet Baby Hope

Orphan 1

Baby Hope ©Kakande Muhamad

This little girl is fourteen-months-old and she is known as baby Hope. She is currently living at the Reallife Home Orphanage and no one knows who her parents are. Sadly, baby Hope was found late at night and she was lying curled up next to a toilet in a Kampala, Uganda neighborhood called Bwaise. This run down neighborhood is known for prostitution and sex workers. She was alone and desperately needed help, so the volunteers brought her to the orphanage, but at this time she doesn’t have a name.

Therefore, I have chosen to call her Baby Hope and the volunteers need help with someone to sponsor this beautiful little girl. As a sponsor, you will make sure she eats daily and gets medication when she is sick. Baby Hope deserves to be happy and cared for, even though she has had a rough start to life. She is now in the care of volunteers, who want to help her live a long happy yet full life.

Meet Simon Mugerwa

Orphan 2

Simon Mugerwa ©Kakande Muhamad

This is Simon Mugerwa and he is five-year-old boy, who is one of our special orphaned children. Unfortunately, Simon lost his father in 2014 and his mother could no longer care for this handsome little boy. He is a happy little boy, who has dreams of being a doctor, so he wants to get an education. However, he needs a sponsor that can help him realize his dream, due to the required school fees.

Simon loves to play with his friends at the orphanage, he loves the volunteers, and he enjoys riding his bicycle. Additionally, he loves watching cartoons and he is a very energetic little boy, who is full of love for everyone. Currently, he needs a sponsor that can help us get him into school, as well as helping with his daily needs like food and medication. Therefore take a moment to learn more about Simon and his friend baby Hope.

Contact Information

Any sponsors who may want to help our orphanage or sponsor a child, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook page Reallife Orphanage Home. We have limited internet contact at this time, so bear with us as we hope to grow and make a difference in the lives of these special children. We are hoping to build a website and other ways to help you learn more about our orphanage. The children and I send much love, peace, and light to you all. May God bless you.

©2016, Crystal S. Kauffman

PS: Stop back by and meet each of the orphans, which I will be featuring from the Reallife Orphange Home. The orphanage’s legal papers are posted below.





Has the Truth about Little Lonzie Barton’s Death Finally Come Out?

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer



Jacksonville, FL. /Feb. 9, 2016- For six months now, William “Ruben” Ebron and Lonna Lauramore Barton stayed silent about what had happened to the precious blue eyed, blonde hair toddler named Lonzie Barton. According to ActionNewsJax, this vibrant and adorable toddler lost his life on July 23, 2015, when he was reported missing by Mr. Ebron. Then, the boyfriend and mother began lying immediately and the continued lying for the next six months.

According to Jacksonville.com, the police said Mr. Ebron claimed that someone stole his orange Honda Civic with a black hood. He claimed that Lonzie Barton was left in the car, while he admitted that he was inside his apartment using drugs. According to Jacksonville.com, Ruben Ebron has also claimed that the five-year-old sister got out of the car and came inside the apartment, just before the car was allegedly stolen. Police immediately proved he was lying and he was arrested promptly and soon after Lonna Barton was also arrested for two counts of child neglect and lying to police.

However, six months later, we have learned that Lonna Barton has pleaded guilty in January 2016 to child neglect and lying to police. She was given up to a six years sentence and agreed to testify against Ruben Ebron at his trial. According to ActionNewsJax, Ruben began cooperating and led investigators to Lonzie’s body in the Bayard area and the investigator found the toddler under some tires. This innocent toddler won the hearts of the First Coast residents during the last six months.

Unfortunately, the six months that went by before he was found, has made it difficult for the medical examiner to determine this toddler’s cause or time of death. According to News4Jax, little Lonzie did have fractures and broken ribs that were mending, which points to Little Lonzie being abused. Ruben was able to enter a sweetheart plea deal for aggravated manslaughter and he was sentenced to twenty years in a federal prison.

Many of the residents of the First Coast community were stunned and angry with the plea deal he was given by District Attorney Angela Corey and other involved in this frustrating case. According to ActionNewsJax, Ruben pointed fingers at Lonna, because she put Lonzie in the bathtub and locked him in the bathroom. He admitted that they were having sexual relations in the other room, while Lonzie was drowning. According to ActionNewsJax, the couple found little Lonzie dead and they said that they panicked. No one has mentioned where the five-year-old sister was during little Lonzie’s death and her mom and boyfriend was having sexual relations.

Mr. Ebron said Lonna knew Lonzie was dead before she went to work at Wackos Gentleman’s Club. According to News4Jax, co-workers say that she acted as if nothing had happened, while working as a stripper or exotic entertainer that night. According to FCN, this adorable toddler deserved better than being thrown away like trash, which is what ultimately what happened to this adorable little boy. According to News4Jax, this toddler never made it to two-years-old, because the adults around him didn’t put the child first.

The adults could have called an ambulance and took whatever punishment would have been given to them for the drugs and child neglect. Instead, they just lied over and over about every detail of what happened to this toddler. However, according to WOKV, so far witnesses said Lonzie Barton had some type of head injury and that he looked pitiful right before he disappeared.

Therefore, the First Coast residents are not convinced that Ruben Ebron is telling the truth. Additionally, Lonna and Ruben both know what happen to this vibrant toddler, which he may have told the truth. Mr. Ebron may not have told the entire truth, because of the reports of Lonzie’s head injury.

If this was truly an accidental drowning, why did he throw little Lonzie away like he was just a piece of garbage? In addition, if Lonna Barton knew that her baby boy was truly dead; many First Coast residents wonder if she will face additional charges in this case. However, according to ActionNewsJax, currently, she is being in held Baker County on unrelated drug charges with Lonzie’s father Chris Barton. Many residents helped search for this beautiful toddler, actually believe there was no Justice for Lonzie Barton with the plea deals.

According to News4Jax, this precious toddler fell through the cracks and he paid with his life, because everyone in his life failed to help him…even his own drug addicted mother! Baby Lonzie should be celebrating his second birthday and enjoying life, but instead he is waiting to be laid to rest. The witnesses and the family members could have possibly saved his life with one phone call to the proper authorities. May little Lonzie Barton rest in peace, but those who let him suffer will have to live with what they didn’t do to help this precious little boy.


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Coming Home

By, Crystal S Kauffman, Staff Writer

impossible God


You’re the one I look to when my life falls apart,
You have had me in your hands from the start.
My life was bleak when I decided to move away,
So today, I come back home to you and here I will stay.

I know you will accept me, so I don’t feel an ounce of fear,
I am humbled, on my knees, and silently listening to hear.
Where do I go next as I choose to let you guide me,
You are the only the one in this world that can set me free.

Only you know where my life will ultimately lead,
I haven’t forgotten that I gave you my heart and its deed.
I have stumbled through life and looked for guidance from all,
Instead, I found a ton of strength the moment I took my fall.

I will continue to grow in the ways you choose for my life,
Despite the trials and tribulations that will cut like a knife.
Lord, I know you are in control of my life and my future,
Therefore, the peace will replace the temporary sutures.

©2012, Crystal S. Kauffman