Getting Your Business Noticed


ImageAre you looking for ways to get your business noticed, by potential customers? Do you want to know some free ways to spread the word about your new business? Honestly, the best way to get the word out is to advertise online and off-line. If you have a small office; you can create your own announcement letters, fliers, brochures, and social networking websites. Always be creative and look for unique ways to advertise your products, since your business must stand out.


Another neat way to advertise; is to plan a grand opening party at your company and invite as many people as you can. Check into promoting on your local radio station or local TV station of about your grand opening. You can serve food and refreshments, while using a promotion that can help families like giving out child identification kits. These special kits can usually be found at the local sheriff’s office or in city hall. This type of promotion can benefit your business and the community’s safety, as well as give parents a peace of mind.


       Depend on word of mouth advertising, by friends and customers that you have already serve with respect and honesty. Ultimately, your happy customers will end up bringing the most business to your company and your product. Therefore, always find a way to reward your customers that help advertise, by referring their friends and family. Give them a discount for each friend and family, which they bring to your business.


       Also, try to leave flyers and brochures, in certain places where you believe that people will see it. You could try passing out your business cards and flyers, whenever you meet new people daily. Additionally, began social networking on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social networking sites. Advertising is hard work but once you start getting steady stream of customers, you will find that your efforts have paid off.        


About Crystal S. Kauffman

My Professional Accomplishments

Crystal S. Kauffman is a Freelance Copywriter, Published Author of three books. She is also a Poet, Business Communications, and Songwriter with over 15 years of experience. Her chosen pen name is Imogen Rayne, since she first thought of it in 1995.

She adopted the name full time in her writing career, until recently when she began using her given name. She has written brochures, press releases, fliers, web content, blogging, informational articles, journalism, built websites ( using templates), catalogs, letters, informational articles, personalized poetry for greeting cards, and so much more.

Mrs. Kauffman has over 500+ articles for online and offline clients. She is offering her freelance writing services to individuals and companies, who needs help writing quality business communications and marketing items.

Educational Accomplishments

Mrs. Kauffman took a writing course at the Institute of Children’s Literature where she earned a Writing for Children and Teenagers certificate. Then, she earned an Associate Degree in Business Arts (2006) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications (2011) with the University on Phoenix. Mrs. Kauffman has over 12 years of computer/internet/research experience/ MS Office/ MS Publisher.

Currently, she is looking forward to starting a new career in marketing, web content producer, writing for magazines, a columnist, a blogger, or a communication specialist, or whatever work is brought her way.

She loves building websites, brochures, fliers, as well as writing for her clients. Mrs. Kauffman loves to learn new things and helping her clients with all of their communication needs. If you need help with any freelance writing project, please contact Crystal for an estimate.

A Glimpse into My Life

Mrs. Kauffman also enjoys writing for children or young adults in her free time.  She is completely dedicated to making a difference with her freelance work, no matter where she is employed.

Furthermore, Mrs. Kauffman hopes to achieve more accomplishments and earn my place in the writing world…one communication or article at time!

Thankfully, she is a ten year cervical cancer survivor, whom is blessed with two wonderful children. She has been to a loving yet wonderful man for 8 years now and she is looking forward to a long life with him. Mrs. Kauffman enjoys writing something every day, even if it is just a blog, short story, or a poem.

My Volunteer Activities

Furthermore, Crystal founded the Laugh at Cancer Support Community which helps families who have been touch by cancer, whether directly or indirectly. The community creates and organizes different projects, which help patients who are in the hospital. Additionally, she works with nursing homes each year, because many patients don’t get regular visitors.

Mrs. Kauffman built two successful projects called Wings of Hope Project, which allows her to gather “Thinking of You” cards. These cards are distributed to various places, depending who the support group is working with this year.

The other project she created is called, Blankets of Hope Project, which allows her to gather Christmas cards and other small gifts. The gifts include throw blankets, stuff for adult, and toys for children. These gifts are distributed to the same place that we partner with during April during the Wings of Hope Project. Look for our support community on Facebook.

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Respectfully Yours,

Crystal S. Kauffman

Time Changes Yet Things Remain The Same

My son and I spending the day together.

Randa and Zack My son and I spending the day together.

Recently, my life has been changing in many ways that have made me assess my own life. A few of my best friends have moved to other states, which made me a little sad at first. However, we have technology like Facebook and cell-phones to keep in touch. Then, my daughter graduated from high school and has an apartment in a nearby city. She lives with one of her best friends, whom I love like my own daughter.

She has landed her first job and is now looking into getting her own transportation, which makes me so proud of her. She has been dating her boyfriend for over a year now. He is a Christian and I love him, as his is my own son. They have both made a vow to wait until they are married before having sex. I am so proud of them both!

Next, another change came knocking, my son moved to North Dakota with his father and his step-mother to start a whole new adventure in his life at almost 15 years-old. Well, at first, I took these changes pretty hard!

Now, I am embracing them in a positive way, instead of being negative. I am spending time every week with my daughter and her roommate. Additionally, I am dog-sitting their sweet puppies, until they can come up with their pet deposit they need and falling in love at the same time.

I talk to my son multiple times a day, texting, and picture messaging each other. So, I have learned that even though we live in different states or cities, we can still keep our relationships alive and growing stronger.

Changes are a part of life as a friend or a parent, but thanks to technology we can stay close to those we love and share our lives. Honestly, I am excited to see what this new chapter of my life will hold! Maybe now, I can finish my book and get published or land a job in the business communications field.

Only God knows what doors will open for me and what friends will walk beside me next. He also knows my relationships will grow in the future and how my life will change further. Currently, I am happy that my husband and I have more quality time together, since things have changed..


The Value of Hiring a Copywriter for Your Business

girlwriting_118194931_stdHave you looked into the advantages of hiring experienced copywriters instead of trying to do-it-yourself? Did you know that they could save you money, while selling your product with their written words? If not, it is time to check out why a partnership with an educated and experienced copywriter would benefit your company in the future. Additionally, you will be able to work together to develop a successful ad campaign.

Valuable Asset

The right copywriter can use their words to paint a tantalizing picture and capture a potential customer’s undivided attention. They can create a buzz about your product or your services, by enticing potential customers with their words. Furthermore, the copywriter can become a valuable asset, since they have an extensive background in writing and selling. However, be sure to checkout his or her portfolio and references, before hiring anyone.

Cutting Costs 

A professional copywriter’s fee may seem too expensive at first, but you will only pay for their services once. However, hiring a professional is less expensive, than hiring an advertising agency or a special employee for each project. In addition, you will not have to worry about meeting deadlines or paying unexpected costs. The copywriter can focus on finishing the projects, instead of dealing with multiple clients or daily work responsibilities.

Beneficial Partnership

Working with a professional copywriter will allow you to maintain full control over your project, as it comes together. This new partnership is important, because you have intimate knowledge about the products or services you are promoting. The copywriter should be able to meet your communication needs, while working side by side with you. They should also be willing to listen to your suggestions, exchange ideas, and make immediate changes when necessary.


Copywriters are a valuable asset to any business, especially when you are looking ways to cut your current overhead costs. They are able to bring a fresh and unique perspective to every project, while promoting your product or service. With the right copywriter, your business can excel and eventually become a household name. Therefore, it is important to locate the right person for the job, since your company’s reputation depends on it.