Hobbies Are Vital…

“Learning Yoga” Copyright 2019, Crystal S. Kauffman

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

There are other things to do to take your mind off things. You need to find people who enjoy the same hobbies that you do. However, you could also learn new obvious that your new friends like.

There are things like fishing, boating, bowling, mudding, racing, horseback riding, and so much more. Look for new things to do, instead of sitting at home and staying stuck inside your own head.

You can find things that do not include other people or a lot of money. However, you may find something that may interest you need to take time to explore new things you and your friends that you have made since you turned your life around.

Never allow anyone to make you feel like there is nothing to do now that you are sober and in recovery. A new life has just begun for you and you should explore new hobbies and friends who live a clean life.

You can make friends at local AA or NA groups, as well as local online groups. Don’t give up on making new friends or new hobbies, just because you’re having a setback at the moment.

Take time to learn from every setback and every new obstacle that you may encounter on your journey. You have the power to change your life, once you’re beaten your demons and have entered recovery.

Look around online for new forms of exercise like: CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, and martial arts to name a few. This new routine of exercising will help you avoid gaining weight once you slay your demons and become sober. Furthermore, Stress can also be managed by creating a regular release system through exercise or new hobbies.

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My Journey to Eating Healthier

My journey to eating healthier.

My journey to eating healthier.

Before you decide to eat healthier, you must be willing to change your eating habits for the rest of your life. I learned first to read the nutrition label on all foods, thanks to a special friend that has been helping me with tips and ideas. I spent years eating the wrong portion sizes and the wrong types of foods, even though I thought I was eating healthier.  My friend taught me all about reading labels and proper portion sizes, as well as healthier snacks.

Thankfully, I have learned so much on my journey to eating healthier with diabetes type 2. I wrote down my goals, so I can refer to them as I embark on this journey to a new me. I used short-term goals like eating healthier portion sizes and learning to read nutrition labels correctly. Additionally, I used long-term goals, like losing a set amount of weight and sticking to my new active lifestyle. However, I knew it may take time to get healthy, because it took time to gain the weight that I have gained.

Portion sizes are important to losing weight, so I could learn what size portions of food that I should eat. Now, I usually avoid high in fat foods like burgers and fries for lunch or dinner, instead I have been eating at healthier restaurants. They may serve big portion, so it is now up to me to eat the right portions and save the rest of my meal for the next meal. I do this a lot, because the food is delicious and expensive sometimes.

Ask your doctor to see how many carbohydrates you can have with each meal or each snack. Before buying anything, take a moment to look for the full amount of total carbohydrates and the amount of sugars. Decide what foods are healthy and what foods aren’t healthy, but don’t be fooled by the labels either. Unfortunately, you must leave the chips and candy alone; instead you should buy fruit snacks or actual fruit.

Think of your hand as a measuring cup, in order to learn the size of portions that you can have with each meal. No meat product should be bigger than the palm of your hand, as well as the meat should only be thick as your hand. You can have two fistfuls of vegetables with your meat; not fries or other starchy foods like rice and mashed potatoes. Good news….you can have a small piece of pie with your dinner, but don’t eat pie or ice cream as a snack.

With some hard work and a little education, you can change your eating habits and lose your target amount of weight. Don’t give up if you backslide, pick yourself back up and make better decisions from there. However, you must get more active and walk every day, even if you just walk inside your home or just walking your dog several times a day. Once you change your eating habits, you will see changes in your health and your weight loss goals.