Making Math Fun

math is fun

Did you know that your children can learn to master math, by doing simple everyday tasks? As your child interacts with their parent, they learn many new things. These basic skills are essential for their social and intellectual development. One of the most important things for your children to learn… is how to count! Then, they can learn simple addition and subtraction, by fun quizzing games using their favorite toys.

Every parent can help their children, by using everyday situations to enhance their basic mathematics skills. For instance, allow your child to help gather and count the ingredients needed for the recipe. Next, let your child add up the ingredients that are necessary to make a special dish. Counting cookies, sliced tomatoes, or even dry noodles; will strengthen your child’s basic math skills.

Parents can teach subtraction, by allowing their children to count the candy that they are eating. Even at the grocery store, parents can allow their children to count. They can also help load the shopping cart and try to figure out the total. Some children also enjoy grabbing the items off the shelves. So, stop and let them count, how many items that they are putting in the shopping cart.

Even walks around the neighborhood, parents can let children how many houses from their house. When a parent participates in counting, children perceive it as a interactive game. So, remember that they can count many different things in your neighborhood. For example, they can count cars, people, and signs that they pass every day to school.

Parents can use every day interaction to teach their child new things. As a child learns the value of money, parents can help them learn to add and subtract. While they save up for something they want, they will learn how to budget money. Most parents are  allowing a child to earn and spend money, which teaches them how to manage their own money. Parents should give them small notebook, in order to add and subtract the money they earn or spend.

This way, they will help them understand, the actual value of money. Plus, they will learn how to keep track of what they spend. Always try to keep learning fun and take plenty of breaks, since children have short attention spans. Start looking for ways to help your child, especially if you spot something that your child is weak in. Teaching children simple math skills is daily process, which requires parental involvement.

Furthermore, with a little added fun, you will see your child’s math grades improve. Sometimes children will be uninterested in learning math of any kind. So, be creative, when looking for way to gain your child’s interest. As the children get older, let them help figure out what household bills are owed. Then, let them help set and maintain the household expenses.

All ages of children, will respond when you combine learning and fun. If you have a computer, you can find many web sites that will help teach your children math. Many are games or easy to complete worksheets, which will help build your child’s skills also. On completion of the worksheet, look for ways to reward their hard work. Therefore, you will find that your child is becoming a master of mouth…one day at a time!

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Freddie’s Birthday Mess

Finger painting mess

Finger painting mess

I just turned eight years old today and everyone gave me some fun presents at my party. My guest began leaving, so I slipped off to my room so I can play with some of my new presents. After everyone had left, I heard the telephone ring in the kitchen. My mother announced that my grandparents are on their way to see us. I have not seen my grandparents since they moved away to Fort Lauderdale two years ago. However, I try to write to them every weekend, but sometimes I forget to write. My grandparents are coming to pick me up for a special dinner and I can’t wait until they get here!

“They will be here around six o’clock tonight to pick you up. Try to be ready to leave once they get here …please!” Mom announced.

My little brothers are twins and double the trouble for me. However, I love the little pests very much. They ran into my room and began grabbing my finger paints, which were sitting on my bed side table.

“We have to ask Mom first!” I reminded them both politely.

TJ put the paints back and they both ran off to ask mom, while I continued playing with my new toys.

They came back and Josh replied, “Mommy said we could paint, but we have to clean up our own mess!”

I quickly put my toys away and I helped them gather everything we will need, while TJ grabbed the finger paints. I got a large pail of water to wash our hands and Josh grabbed the poster size paper from the living room to paint on. We all met at table in the dining room and after everyone had what they needed, we sat down to begin finger painting. TJ and Josh immediately started arguing over who gets the green paint first, while I tried to stop them.

“If you two keep arguing, Mom will come and take our paints away!” I declared

TJ tried to snatch the green paint out of Josh’s hand and they began struggling over the finger paints. Next, TJ fell backwards and Josh let go of the bottle, when suddenly green paint flew all over the floor and me.

“Oh No…We are in big trouble if Mommy sees me like this!” I complained while TJ giggled.

“Now look what you have done, TJ!” Josh shrieked.

He grabbed an old towel from the hallway closet, while TJ put up the finger paints. They all tried cleaning up the floor. Additionally, I tried to wipe the finger paints off of me, but the paint had dried already.

“May I take a bath, since we already put the paints up and we cleaned up our mess?” I asked.

She quickly answered, “Yes but it’s already five o’ clock, so try to hurry please!”

My brothers quietly snuck into the bathroom with me, so they could help me scrub the paint off which was all over me. TJ sat in the front, while and Josh climbed in the back of me after grabbing his favorite toy. Neither one of my brothers would helps scrub the paint off me. Instead, they were jumping in and out of the tub and making a new mess. I tried to clean the paint off my chest and out of my hair. However, the paint is not coming off as easy as it went on me.

“Mom is coming, please help me get this paint off of me!” I begged.

Josh sat his yellow rubber duck on the white wooden chair sitting by the bathtub while TJ whined, “No, I want to play!”

“Now thanks to my brothers, I will not be able to go off with my grandparents,” I thought to myself.

Mom caught TJ making a mess, while Josh was trying to find the toy threw out the bathroom window.

“I am sorry, Mommy!” TJ cried as he climbed out of the bathtub.

Josh climbed down off the chair as TJ finished drying off, however I still had some paint in my hair. My mom helped me wash the paint out of my hair, while my brothers ran to their room to get dressed. I quickly dried off and I was almost done dressing, when I heard the doorbell ring. Mom left the bathroom to answer the door and she left us to clean up our mess, then I overheard my grandpa’s voice.

“Your grandparents are here, Freddie.” Mommy announced as we raced to the living room.

We hugged them and Grandpa stated, “Wow, you boys have grown up so much!”

“Happy Birthday Freddie! Are you ready to go eat?” Questioned Grandma

“Let’s go eat Grandpa. I am hungry as a grizzly bear!” I answered while rubbing my stomach.

Grandpa laughed and I chuckled as we left to eat my birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant, after saying good-bye. The first present they gave me was a big red fire truck, a cute birthday card with a picture of a bear playing on it, and then I found twenty dollars inside of the card. Next, Grandma revealed that they had left the biggest present in the car, but I never saw it! After my grandparents finished eating, we headed out the door and toward their car. Papa opened trunk and he immediately handed me a large gift, which I ripped the wrapping off. Once I tore the paper, I discovered that they gave me a large finger painting set for my birthday also. He thanked them with a hug and admired his new painting set.

“Oh no…More messy afternoons!” Freddie said with a chuckle.

My Son is Moving!!!



My son DJ has been a constant jewel in my life, but he is about to set off on an adventure with his father and step-mother. I am sad but happy that he leaving to a whole new town. He will be far away from me and I will miss him so much, yet I know that his father and step-mother will love and care for him.  Thankfully, he will be able to meet new people and enjoy going to a new school where he can make friends.

DJ will also be able to find new adventures to enjoy, as he grows into a little man. I will get to see him at designated times, but it will be time well spent making new memories. We will use Skype, cell phone, and Facebook to stay in touch with each other. I pray that his father, step-mother, and DJ will make it to their destination safely. I love him and I hope he explores all possibilities that God sets in front of him.

PS: A special thank you goes out to him step-mom for loving and caring for him, as I would. Thank you for being there for both my children and thank you for being such a wonder second mother. You are the best!