Build A Life That You Love

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Changing your life can be extremely difficult with the many different temptations around you. Most of the time, you are far away from the temptation, but sometimes it can be right in your face. This temptation can actually be in the form of a person, who just happened to dropped by to visit you after months or years of not communicating.

Right then, you must decide how you will handle this blast from your past. Will you choose the easy way out, which is to give into temptation? However, you could also visit for a few moments and then politely excuse yourself from the nerve racking situation. Only, you can choose what you will do when you face certain daily temptations.

Be sure to keep your support system on speed dial, because giving in to temptation is not worth the amount of guilt that you will face after your relapse. Stay completely away from circumstances and situations that will challenge your strength, while adding new things that completely inspire you. Start by creating a life that makes it easier for you to remain sober, because you are doing things that you enjoy despite the degree of temptation.

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Blanket of Hope Project Has Been Canceled


 After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to cancel our yearly Blankets of Hope Project”, due to lack of donations and volunteers. Thank you to all who have helped make this project a success for over five years now. Through this project, we have helped many patients and their families, whether at cancer clinic’s or nursing homes. Fortunately, we are going to expand our “Wings of Hope Project”, so we can visit cancer clinics at least four times a year.

We will be planning our visits in the springtime, summer, fall, and one in the winter. The winter visit will be near Christmas time, so the patients will still receive small gifts and greeting cards. Volunteers will be able to donate blankets and other small gifts, as well as donate greeting cards or Christmas cards. Please take a moment to check out our “Wings of Hope Project” and learn ways that you can help us bring a smile to each patient. Thank you to all who have helped us to grow and continue to bless each patient or family we meet.

This project is sponsored by the Laugh at Cancer Support Community.

Parents Stop Breaking Your Teenager’s Spirit

teen dep. quoteParents stop berating and yelling at your teenager, because you are destroying your child’s self-esteem more harm. Don’t curse at your teenager, instead give the teenager respect and you will find that they will begin to respect you as well. Be clear in your communication when saying yes and no, this way you are not sending mixed signals to your teen. Sometimes, you have to step back as parent, while encouraging your teenager to practice working on their talents and gifts that God gave them.

Let them know that you love them just the way they are and that they do not have change anything. Stop having power struggles with your teenager and you will see a difference in the way that they will respond to you. Don’t call them degrading names or compare them to their father or their mother in a negative way, since this can make the teenager feel worthless. Never say negative things about their mother or father, whether absent or not.

This behavior by parents can cause the teenager to turn to drugs or alcohol abuse. Teenagers with low self-esteem will act out and self-medicate to escape the mental pain that they feel.  Unfortunately, one mistake can cause a landslide of issues like: teen pregnancy, drug use, trouble with the law, and other bad behavior. Don’t expect to see a change in your teenager’s behavior, until you begin to change the way that you respond to them.

Pray for your children and with your teenagers, while speaking blessings and positive things over them. Be sure to take them to a Bible believing church, which will help build the teenager’s character as they grow into an adult. However, to see a change in your teenager, you must first change yourself and realize that you were once a teenager yourself. Was life hard for you as a teenager and did you have power struggles with your parents as well?

Teenagers can become anyone that they want to become, yet they must work hard to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. As a parent, you should be a cheerleader and the disciplinarian at the same time. Teenagers need boundaries that they can follow and they need immediate consequences whenever they step out of line. Therefore, take this time to change the way that you respond to your teenager’s achievements and misbehaviors.



Good Parenting Can Lead Teenagers to Make Positive Choices

My teenagers!

My teenagers!

 As a mother of two teenagers, I have learned that you should never berate or speak down to your children or teenagers. Instead, I encouraged both of my teenagers to strive for anything they wanted to do. My daughter and my son lived with their father and step-mom for various reasons, one being that they lived in a district with a better school system. My daughter wanted to join the Chorus and Color Guard, once she entered high school.

So, every weekend I proudly watched her practice spinning her flag, until she got her dance and spinning routine perfect. Additionally, I was blessed to her angelic voice as she sang her heart out to songs that she liked on the radio or computer. I reminded her every day how proud I was of her for chasing her dreams and making them a reality. However, her dreams came at a cost for me, because I didn’t get to see her as much throughout the school year.

We talked on the phone a lot, because I knew she was busy with school and trying to balance her new lifestyle out. My daughter just turned eighteen and has made good choices throughout her entire life. Now, she has a new job and a new apartment, which she shares with a wonderful roommate. My daughter and her boyfriend of a year have made the decision to wait for marriage to have sex, which made me so proud.

Recently, my teenage son just turned fifteen and he moved out of state with his father and step-mother. We stay in touch through texting, Skype, Facebook, and calling each other every night. We have special sign language, which we use on Skype to say that we love each other. Tonight, he surprised me by telling me that he was applying for a job, after he comes to visit me and other family members for Christmas and the New Year.

I encouraged him to apply for the job and to do the best job he can, yet I know I won’t be able to talk to him as much. He will be juggling family, school, homework, and his new job….If he is hired. I understand this, so I have chosen to make the most of every moment that I get to spend with him. My son is very respectful to me and he has always made good choices throughout his life as well.

My children were raised in church with their father and with me, which helped us guide them spiritually. Neither child has spoken a harsh word against me or their father, during their lifetime. Furthermore, they have never disrespected their step-parents, plus they love and adore both of their step-parents. Therefore, I feel each parent has made good choices, which has allowed our teenagers to make good choices for their own futures.

Finding Comfort through God

Finding Comfort through God

Finding Comfort through God

Sometimes we may feel alone in our daily walk through life, but we should not feel this way with Jesus in our heart. Thankfully, God will send the Holy Spirit to comfort us, whenever we may need to be comforted due to life’s troubles or trials. Our Heavenly Father gives us the fellowship with those, who we meet at church and school. However, we must be able to spiritually discern whether someone will be a comfort to us or a bad influence on us.

The first memory verse is: 1 Thessalonians 4:18-“Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”

Whenever we are need of comfort or relief from something which is causing us to suffer or stress in our daily lives. Unfortunately, we tend to hang on to our doubt and misery, instead of seeking comfort through our fellowship with God. The pain we feel about the situation we are facing can cause us to question our Heavenly Father’s ability to console us. Through Jesus Christ, you have a direct line to God, which can help you find the comfort that you may need.

However, by reading the Holy Bible or God’s Word, we can find ways to strengthen our faith in God’s ability to help us in any situation. Throughout your daily walk with God, you will find encouragement and freedom from the pain you have been feeling for so long. Additionally, you can discuss your problems or troubles with someone you trust at church like your pastor. Thankfully, God gives us fellowship with other Christians through church, who may be able to help us locate a different perspective to the issue that we face.

The second memory verse is: 2 Thessalonians 2:17“Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.

Put our faith and trust in God, because doesn’t want us to feel alone or depressed about the trials that we will face each day. We will find consolation and contentment throughout our walk with his son Jesus Christ. Our Heavenly Father doesn’t want us to feel abandoned or suffer needlessly, because he loves and cherishes all of his children. We must demonstrate the faith we have in God and hand over our burdens to him each day.

Leaving our burdens with God can be difficult, because we always want to try and solve our problems and issues by ourselves. However, we must learn to trust God, in order to receive the comfort he has promised us throughout the Holy Bible. Sometimes, whenever we are facing a fierce storm in our lives, we must stand firm in your faith. Therefore, start allowing God to comfort you, whenever you feel overwhelmed by the trials you may be facing.

Forgiving Yourself and Others

forgivenessHave you struggled with forgiving someone, who has hurt you or abused you? Do you find yourself thinking about it a lot lately? If so, this is normal to feel, whenever someone you trust has intentionally hurt you. However, you must find a way to give your hurt and pain to the Lord, for he will release you from the burden of guilt. Additionally, he will help you learn how to forgive those, who have victimized you or someone you love.

The first memory verse is: Acts 3:19…“Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” (KJV)

As you recite this verse, remember that you must confess all of your sins against God and others. Once you ask him to forgive you for all of your sins, he is just and will erase all of your sins immediately. For we must spend time, learning exactly what forgiveness truly is, because it can hinder your spiritual growth. Honestly, forgiveness is ceasing to be angry over the unacceptable behaviors that someone has done to you.

By forgiving someone, you are not giving them your permission to repeat the behaviors that hurt you. Instead, you should recognize the feelings that you felt at the moment that they hurt you. Be honest and ask for the forgiveness of others, once you have evaluated your role in the entire situation. This way, you can free yourself from the power that a person has over you when you hold a grudge.

            The second memory verse is 1 John 1:9…“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (KJV)

Recite this verse, as you begin your transitional journey from being a victim to becoming a survivor. No matter what has happened in the past, you can fully overcome its negative effect on your life by trusting in God. Never allow the pain or anguish over their behaviors and actions to cause you bitterness. If this person continues to offend you, then you may want to step back and evaluate your relationship with this person.

No longer will you feel overwhelmed or angry, instead you will find peace that passes all understanding. In that moment, you will feel the burden of your own guilt start melt away, as the pain and anguish begins to disappear. As you become a new creature in Christ, you will learn how to modify your own behaviors and reactions to someone hurting you. Trust in Jesus and forgive those who hurt you, because you will take away any power that they have over you.

Fighting the Good Fight

fight the good faithIn the daily trials that you face, you begin learning more about yourself and your desires. You learn how much you can handle, without God at your side. Soon, you will learn how to let him take control of your entire life. He has given freewill to choose and dream, like everyone else in the world. However, he is waiting for you to choose him and give allow him know your innermost desires. By allowing him to guide you, he can deliver the things that you never dream of.

The first memory verse is Psalms 23:1 “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” (KJV)

Your spiritual father knows exactly what you want, even when you aren’t sure yourself. However, you must believe that he is capable of fulfilling your needs. So, rely on your faith and he will give you all of your dreams and desires. But, he will provide them in his own time and in his own way, which means you must stay faithful to him. Just allow your faith to grow and become stronger, by leaning on him throughout the daily trials in your life.

No matter what you want, you will be able to achieve it with faith and belief in God’s promises. He is there holding you, throughout your life changing lessons. However, rely on him to pull you through, as he promised that he would if you just believe. He will never forsake you or leave, so let home take over and hold steadfast to your faith. Life is a struggle each day, as you try to manage work and personal responsibilities.

        The second memory verse is: 2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” (KJV) 

          Recite this verse everyday and believe it, because you are fighting the good fight. You must keep your faith, in order to finish your journey here on earth. Once you have finished, you will be given your reward by God himself. So, slow down and enjoy what your life has to offer and continue fighting for what you believe. Always remember to take time for your spiritual father and he will gently guide you through the obstacles in your life.

Only you can write the next page in your story called life, so began writing today for tomorrow maybe too late. As a Christian you will be forced into trials and tribulations, by those around you that don’t believe. However, the Lord will help you stand tall and face those people, who try to manipulate your life. Therefore, you will find yourself moving closer to your spiritual father, who is helping you finish the winding course.