Rachel Rae: Pieces of Me

Rachel Rae- Piece os me


Reese Farris thought she had it all as a happily married woman until she discovered her husband’s recent infidelity. Bryce Farris naively believed that the grass was greener on the other side until he found out otherwise. Follow the story of Reese and Bryce as one tries to put together the pieces of a broken heart while the other tries to keep their life from falling apart. Pain. Deceit. Betrayal. No one said the game of love was fair.

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Introducing Author Rachel Rae

Author Rachel Rae

Rachel Rae is a new up and coming author with two freshly released books. Within 5 months both novels have been on the Amazon’s Top 100 best sellers list.

She still resides in Houston Texas. She plans on continuing to be a hard worker, as well as a great mother. Rachel will also be writing more fantastic urban fiction novels.

She is a proud member of the ZitrO Publications Family

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Get Published as a Children’s Historical Non-Fiction Writer

Are you an aspiring freelance author? Do you enjoy writing about a particular period in history, which fascinates or intrigues you? Did you know that the historical non-fiction market is open to freelance submissions? In fact, several children’s magazines are looking for talented freelance authors who can make history come alive. However, many children’s magazines are looking for articles that capture a child’s imagination.

History Sells

Right now, many editors are looking for well-written non-fiction articles about history. Additionally, each article must be fun and engaging, instead of boring like a textbook. Most editors will reject all articles that sound like page from a textbook. Furthermore, editors want historical articles, which are able to grab a child’s undivided attention. Most children want to read about characters and places they can relate and identify with.

However, you must remember to use the age appropriate vocabulary words. Additionally, you will need to define any technical and scientific terms that are included in your article. These historical articles should be informative, yet exciting and fun to read. Most editors want non-fiction articles that is engaging and interactive. However, try not to overwhelm your reader, with too many boring facts or dates. Most editors prefer historical articles about are about relatively unknown topics, which will capture the interest of children and their parents.

Market Research

Many magazines accept historical non-fiction, but you must read the magazine guidelines. Most editors automatically reject the articles,which do not follow their guidelines. Some magazines have their guidelines listed at their website or you may write the editor for a copy also. Look around you community for a book called, Magazine Market for Children’s Writers 2008 or Writer’s Market 2008. These book will allow you to find out, what the editors need for each magazine.

Furthermore, you can find several excellent resources on the internet and in local bookstores. These sites can help you strengthen your writing skills, while steering you in the right direction. Start by visiting www.writersmarket.com , in order to find out what kind of articles each magazine is currently looking for. Additionally, look around the internet and other resources to find the higher paying markets. Remember to submit weekly, because it may take a few months for the editor to reply.

Sample Markets

Cobblestone Magazine

30 Grove St. Suite-C

Peterborough, NH, 03458

Editor: Meg Chorlian

Appleseeds Magazine

Cobblestone Publishing Company

30 Grove St.

Peterborough, NH, 03458

Editor: Susan Buckley

Submission Tips

Once your article is finished, take some extra time to prepare your submission correctly. Be sure to revise it several times and look for any mistakes that you may have overlooked. Now, it is time to work on creating the perfect query and cover letter, which depends on what the editor prefers. If you need help writing one, try to look for websites and resources tha will help you. Always visit the magazine’s website for the submission rules and guidelines. This way, you will know what kind of articles that each editor needs or wants, before you waste you time and money.

As an aspiring freelance author, you may need to create your own writing space at home. Furthermore, you will need to start stocking up on the supplies: like postage stamps, long envelopes, and printer paper. Next, look for ways to limit the interruptions and distractions, which you will face each day in your daily life. Sometimes getting up early or staying up late will help you concentrate better, in order to meet your writing goals. Remember to submit, at least one manuscript a week to different magazines that you have researched..

Paying Markets

The editor of Cobblestone magazine serves the 8- to 14-year-old market and they pay 20 to 25 cents a word. This same publishing company owns Appleseeds magazine, which serves the 7- to 14-year-old market and pays $50 a page. Check out these magazines websites, in order to learn more information about each editor’s needs. In addition, you will need to consult the writer’s guidelines for topics that the magazine’s editor is looking for.

Make sure you carefully read each magazine’s guidelines, before submitting your article or you may be rejected instantly. This will help you understand the magazine’s mission and the type of articles that each publisher wants from a new author. Most editors are looking for unique poetry, games, and activities about history that is aimed at children. With each submission, you will be building a lifelong portfolio of your best work. Additionally, you will be able to earn extra money and gain more experience, as a freelance children’s author.

Rejections Happen

Every author faces rejection and disappointment, so try not to fret when you receive one. Instead, use them to help mold your writing skills and submission skills. Watch out for mistakes, since editors will reject an article, which has more than five errors on a page. In addition, you may want to enroll in a children’s writing course to build your skills further. Thus, you may find lots of useful information, which you will help you build your career and your talent.

Remember to always use the rejection letter, as a guide to improve your writing and submission skills. However, you will need to put the article away and keep submitting other finished work. Once a month has passed, you will dust off the article and complete the revision process. Be sure to repeat each step, whenever you receive a new rejection letter in the mail. Perseverance will help you gain an editor’s eye and allow you to improve your chances of becoming a published children’s author.


Currently, the historical market is wide open and waiting for an author like you. In addition, there is plenty of money to make, as long as you can impress an editor, while you capture a child’s imagination. Now, start studying the current need of each magazine publisher and begin submitting soon. Just remember to set aside time each day, in order to pursue your writing career and goals. Therefore, you can earn steady money and become immortal in the hearts of all children.

About Crystal S. Kauffman

My Professional Accomplishments

Crystal S. Kauffman is a Freelance Copywriter, Published Author of three books. She is also a Poet, Business Communications, and Songwriter with over 15 years of experience. Her chosen pen name is Imogen Rayne, since she first thought of it in 1995.

She adopted the name full time in her writing career, until recently when she began using her given name. She has written brochures, press releases, fliers, web content, blogging, informational articles, journalism, built websites ( using templates), catalogs, letters, informational articles, personalized poetry for greeting cards, and so much more.

Mrs. Kauffman has over 500+ articles for online and offline clients. She is offering her freelance writing services to individuals and companies, who needs help writing quality business communications and marketing items.

Educational Accomplishments

Mrs. Kauffman took a writing course at the Institute of Children’s Literature where she earned a Writing for Children and Teenagers certificate. Then, she earned an Associate Degree in Business Arts (2006) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications (2011) with the University on Phoenix. Mrs. Kauffman has over 12 years of computer/internet/research experience/ MS Office/ MS Publisher.

Currently, she is looking forward to starting a new career in marketing, web content producer, writing for magazines, a columnist, a blogger, or a communication specialist, or whatever work is brought her way.

She loves building websites, brochures, fliers, as well as writing for her clients. Mrs. Kauffman loves to learn new things and helping her clients with all of their communication needs. If you need help with any freelance writing project, please contact Crystal for an estimate.

A Glimpse into My Life

Mrs. Kauffman also enjoys writing for children or young adults in her free time.  She is completely dedicated to making a difference with her freelance work, no matter where she is employed.

Furthermore, Mrs. Kauffman hopes to achieve more accomplishments and earn my place in the writing world…one communication or article at time!

Thankfully, she is a ten year cervical cancer survivor, whom is blessed with two wonderful children. She has been to a loving yet wonderful man for 8 years now and she is looking forward to a long life with him. Mrs. Kauffman enjoys writing something every day, even if it is just a blog, short story, or a poem.

My Volunteer Activities

Furthermore, Crystal founded the Laugh at Cancer Support Community which helps families who have been touch by cancer, whether directly or indirectly. The community creates and organizes different projects, which help patients who are in the hospital. Additionally, she works with nursing homes each year, because many patients don’t get regular visitors.

Mrs. Kauffman built two successful projects called Wings of Hope Project, which allows her to gather “Thinking of You” cards. These cards are distributed to various places, depending who the support group is working with this year.

The other project she created is called, Blankets of Hope Project, which allows her to gather Christmas cards and other small gifts. The gifts include throw blankets, stuff for adult, and toys for children. These gifts are distributed to the same place that we partner with during April during the Wings of Hope Project. Look for our support community on Facebook.

My Website:

Online Portfolio:


Websites I have created:



If you need help with a project,contact me for an estimate: laughatcancer@gmail.com

Respectfully Yours,

Crystal S. Kauffman


Make a Career in Marketing or Advertising

adverstising 2Are you able to think outside of the imaginary box? If so, you may enjoy a career in advertising and marketing field. However, you must obtain a higher education, which includes a two-year and four-year degree. After graduation, you will have a choice between several types of advertising and marketing careers. Then, you can find the position that is appealing to you, where you can allow your creativity to shine.

Finding the Right College

Many different colleges offer degree program and courses, which will lead you to a rewarding career in advertising and marketing. Study and compare the schools, until you find the one that is right for you and your skills. He school should have several resources and friendly staff that are able to help you, no matter what. Once, you have found the school you want, you will be able to start working toward your career goals.

Types of Careers

Project management
Assistant account executive
Account services
Media service department
Research department
Creative department
Copywriting department
Graphic artist
Production managers
Internet advertising

Job Description

Some hot jobs are located in different departments and may have several types of task for you to perform. Additionally, you should understand the latest trends and study the most effective ways to communicate. There are many companies looking for a creative person like you, in order to show off their services or new products. However, you must also be able to reach the intended audience and sell the product.

Multicultural Advertising

When communicating with a multicultural audience, you must be aware of words or signs, which are offensive in other cultures. Many types of language barriers exist in different culture, so you should look into the differences. Furthermore, you will be able to reach potential customers, who live all across the globe. In addition, you should learn more about using graphics and visual aids to spread your message in a global community.

Start looking into the different careers that you can enter, instead of working for an advertising or marketing agency. Some jobs will pay anywhere from 15,000 to 40,000 a year, but you can earn more with a degree in advertising. Always show your creativity, in different avenues you can earn more money and of marketing. Therefore, no matter what career you have chosen, you will allow your creative juices to flow and create an advertisement worth remembering.


Do-It-Yourself Advertising Campaign

advertisingAre you trying to reach a certain audience or is your product multicultural? Does your audience have special needs or special desires? Will your audience understand your product or how to use it? The most important part of advertising; is finding the right audience for your product. Advertising can make your company successful and allow you to sell your product. All advertising should be family friendly and easy to understand, in order to sale your product.

Television & Radio

Did you know that television advertising can be very expensive to produce, but it can reach a larger group of people at once? First, you need new commercials that will need a few actors to demonstrate your product. Radio advertising is another great form of advertising, which can help promote your new business. Thousands of listeners tune in everyday to each radio station, so you may want to advertise with more than one station.

Satellite & Internet

Today, there are millions of customers around the world, who are tuning into satellite radio and television. This form of advertising can boost your businesses profit, but it can get very expensive for a small business. The internet is another advertising venue, which can reach millions of potential customers at one time. Additionally, you can build a webpage and use social networking sites to promote your new business.

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