Devastating End to 27-Year-Old Mystery

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer  


©Wetterling Family

Minnesota officials has finally learned what had happened to the 11-year-old, Jacob Wetterling, who was abducted on October 22, 1989 from St. Joseph. According to StarTribune, Jacob was riding home from a convenience store with his brother and his best friend when a masked gunman forced Jacob into his car and handcuffed him. His brother and friend were told to run or he would shoot them also. Tragically, on September 3rd, 2016, local authorities announced that they had in fact found Jacob’s remains on a farm in Paynesville, Minnesota.

Jacob Wetterling was sexually assaulted and killed on the same night he disappeared. The killer Danny Heinrich confessed to burying him and later after moving his remains to the farm where he led investigators. According to CBS Minnesota, Jacob’s mother became a national child advocate and helped create the Jacob Wetterling Act that Congress passed in 1994. This law requires anyone who is arrested and convicted of being a sexual offender must register with their state law enforcement. In addition, Jacob’s mother, Patty Wetterling, also created the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center.

In 2015, Danny Heinrich becomes a “Person of Interest” after being arrested on unrelated child pornography charges. However, he denied his involvement in Jacob’s abduction on October 22, 1989.  According CBS Minnesota, a confession from Danny Heinrich in a plea deal has given Jacob’s family the answer that they have hoped for over the last 27 years. The killer’s confession led to Jacob’s remains and he was later positively identified by DNA. He will face 20 years in prison as a results of the plea deal for the pornography charges, but he will not face justice for killing Jacob.



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Gang Violence Claims Another Young Life

Aiden McClendon_1454185463626_1004030_ver1.0_640_360


Jan. 30, 2016/Jacksonville, FL– A 22-month-old toddler was killed after becoming a victim of a possible gang related drive by shooting on Friday night. According to Action News Jax, the toddler has been identified as Aiden Michael McClendon and he was sitting in a car with his mother and his grandmother at a home on Spearing St., which is  on the Eastside of Jacksonville, FL.  Suddenly, without any warning, bullets began spraying the car and the house.

As the first responders reached the scene, the toddler was still alive, despite being shot once in the shoulder and twice in the stomach area. According FCN, baby Aiden McClendon was the only person who was shot in this drive by shooting. The toddler was rushed to UF Health, where he immediately underwent life saving surgery. Unfortunately, the police announced to the public on Saturday that the adorable toddler died due to his injuries.

This senseless, yet violent tragedy has the family and police asking the entire First Coast Community to turn in the suspect or suspects. According to Action News Jax, the city leaders have agreed to offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons that who killed this innocent little toddler. No one else was hurt in the drive by shooting, although the house and car were struck by a barrage of bullets.

This innocent baby lost his life, due to the senseless violence and the police has vowed that they are not going to rest until they have the person or persons that are responsible for this toddler’s murder.

According the FCN, Chief Tom Hackney said, “Turn these people in, they do not deserve to be walking the same streets that you and I walk.

The police believe that someone is the house was the actual target of this gang related shooting, but instead this toddler became the victim. According to Action News Jax, police say some witnesses have about a white car that sped away from the scene. However, there is no clear description of the suspected shooter or shooters or the car that they used. Some witnesses stated that a white car may be involved, but police are asking anyone with information to come forward.


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Baby Jane Doe Has Been Identified: Bella Bond

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer



Baby Jane Doe was found on June 25, 2015, on the western shore of Deer Island and police turned to social media to help find out who her identity. She has a name that means beauty and her name is Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond, but she was murdered by those she loved. According to, Police have arrested her and her mother’s boyfriend Michael McCarthy 35 for murder and her mother Rachelle Bond 40 for accessory after the fact.

Baby Bella’s biological father never met her, yet Joseph Amoroso is defending the mother. He believes that the mother Rachelle would have never harmed Bella purposely, but she did nothing to protect her daughter when her boyfriend beat the life out of Bella. According to The Examiner, she had a month while the poor lifeless body of Bella Bond sat in her mother’s refrigerator to turn him in to police. Rachelle helped McCarthy cover up the murder of her baby girl and she helped move the body.

According to The Examiner, Rachelle has a criminal record with the law for possession of heroin and prostitution, as well as a history with Department of Children and Families (DCF). The mother Rachelle had two other children that were permanently placed in different homes and she lost her parental rights to these children. In addition, DCF had contact with Bella as an infant and her mother Rachelle in 2012 and 2013, but the cased was quickly closed and DCF has had no contact since.

According to the The Inquisitr, Bella was beat to death, because she was supposedly a child of Satan and she was possessed. Bella’s was 2 ½ years old and short life was full of misery, while living with a drug addicted mother and her mother’s boyfriend who had drug or mental problems. However, both suspects are pointing there finger at each other, but Bella’s mother says that McCarthy punched her in the stomach until she was lifeless.

According to The Inquisitr, the mother told everyone that DCF took her sometime in June, in order to cover up what they had done to this beautiful baby girl. Bella had a right to feel safe in her own home, but instead she was abused and beaten to death by someone she loved. She should have been protected by her mother, yet she did nothing to stop the abuse or the child’s violent death. Rachelle lied to everyone about where Bella was and at anytime, she could have called the police to tell the truth but she did not.

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The Unknown Martyr: Viola Liuzzo

ImageIf you look in a history book, you will never find the name Viola Liuzzo as a martyr for civil rights. However, in 1965, she became an unknown martyr in the hearts of many civil rights activists. She was shot by self-proclaimed KKK members in Selma, Mississippi, during a civil rights march on March 25, 1965. Now, there a memorial on the spot that she died, yet no one mentions her name in the history books. According to Mr. Simkin (1997), she was 36 year old mother of five kids, who wanted to make a difference in the fight for civil rights.

She was married to a man named Anthony J. Liuzzo, who was very supportive of his wife’s ambitions. Viola graduated from “Wayne State University” and was pursuing a career as a “medical lab technician” (Simkin, 1997). After she watched ‘Bloody Sunday’ unfold on television in Selma, Alabama. She empathized with the pain and torment of those who fought for the right to vote.

So she decided to stand up and become a civil rights activist, who helped out with driving people to the marches. They followed martin Luther king and 25, 000 others in a march from Selma to Montgomery. Once getting involved, she witnessed the brutality of other Americans in the south.

As a white woman, she could have decided that it was too dangerous to go, but she was also a trained nurse who felt she may be able help. Then, on the night of March 25, 1965, she was shot in the head twice by three KKK members from Birmingham. Viola was brutally killed, while driving some of the protesters home. However, according the FBI (2006), a man named Leroy Moton was driving and became an eye witness to her murder. Before long, three men were arrested and charged with violating Viola Liuzzo civil rights. According to the FBI (2006), an undercover agent named Carl Rowe was also riding with the KKK members that night.

These self-proclaimed KKK members were Collie Wilkins”, “William Eaton”, and “Eugene Thomas” (FBI, 2006). They were found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison. Fortunately, the undercover FBI agent Carl Rowe was compelled “testified against them” (Simkin. 1997) in court. In an attempt to discredit Viola, some vicious rumors alleged that she had abandoned her children and husband for a black man’s affection.

According to Simkin (19970 these damaging rumors, were believed to have been started by the FBI. Sadly, she tried to stand up for the civil rights of others, but was ultimately was denied her own civil rights.

How come Americans are not taught about her courageous decision to stand up, which ultimately cost her own life? Why did the undercover FBI agent choose not to protect her and her companions? What made them spread this vicious rumor about a woman, who chose to stand up for others and their right to be a free American?


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Cherish Perrywinkle: A Tragedy That Could Have Been Prevented

RIP Sunshine

RIP Sunshine

Jacksonville, FL.-June 22, 2013– An eight year-old girl named Cherish Lily Perrywinkle was kidnapped from a Wal-Mart on the northside of Jacksonville, FL. The child’s body was found on Saturday, June 22, 2013 near a church on Broward Rd. The suspect Donald James Smith, who is 56 year-old, befriended the child’s mother Rayne Perrywinkle at a Dollar General Store on Edgewood Ave. around 7 pm Friday night.

After earning the mother’s trust, Smith offered to buy $100.00 worth of clothing and food for Cherish and her two sisters. The Perrywinkle family rode with Smith to Walmart on Lem Turner Rd, where he claimed that he was meeting with his wife. After a couple hours of waiting and shopping, Smith offered to buy the family some hamburgers from the McDonalds that is located the inside the Wal-Mart.

The young girl Cherish followed behind the suspect Donald Smith, while the mother wasn’t looking. The mother anxiously awaited the return of Donald and Cherish, however they didn’t return. The police were called after 11 pm to Wal-Mart, in order to find the missing child and the suspect who had taken her. An Amber Alert was issued at 5 am, even though the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department requested an Amber Alert to be issued at 2:30 am.

Currently, people are asking why it took so long to issue the Amber Alert, once the criteria for issuing an alert were met in this case. The police dug deeper into the suspect’s background and they learned that Donald Smith was already registered as a sex offender. He was place on the sex offender registry due to a previous case of kidnapping and assault on a child. Additionally, the investigating officers learned he had just been released from prison on May 31, 2013.

The morning of June 22nd, Donald Smith was pulled over by the police around 9 am, while driving the van that he drove the Perrywinkle family to Wal-Mart. The missing child was not in the van; however the police arrested Smith immediately. Subsequently, the police announced around 10 am, that missing child’s body has been found murdered by a church on Broward Rd.

Cherish Perrywinkle’s father Billy Jarreauand her mother Rayne Perrywinkle were recently in a battle over custody of the child. However, the judge overseeing the case decided that Cherish should remain with her mother. However, her father received visitation and on the tragic day of her murder he was planning to take Cherish home with him in California for the summer.

Instead her father is coming to town for her funeral and he has a lot of unanswered questions about how this happened to his daughter. Mr. Jarreau believes that the child’s mother Rayne Perrywinkle is to blame for her daughter’s death, because she made bad decisions which led up to the child’s death. However, she had no idea that the man offering to help her family would turn out to be a monster. The child’s mother thought he was a family man with a wife and two children, but he was a monster who used the family man line to earn the mother’s trust.

Police confirmed that he is not married and he does not have any young children, as he claimed to the child’s mother. He was a registered sex offender, but how could the mother have known that at the time he met her. Sexual predators look normal and they have no identifying marks that can warn people to beware of them. In fact, he has a long history of crimes against children, as well as impersonating a Department of Children and Families case worker.

Unfortunately, Cherish would have never met Smith, if the justice system had worked properly and kept this predator behind bars. He is now facing charges in this case and possibly will receive the death penalty. I know it is easy to blame the mother, but instead help the family with food or clothing. Additionally, the family will need help with burial costs.

Apparently, the family needs help according to the local news, so take a moment to pray for the family and then figure out a way you can help. Cherish Perrywinkle will be laid to rest on Thursday, June 27, 2013 by her family, friends, and community. Additionally, if this case angers you, then stand up and work with families who are trying to change the laws concerning child predators.


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Hate Crime, Murder, or Botched Robbery…You Decide?


Murdered toddler.

Brunswick, GA. – March 26, 2013 A 13-month-old toddler was shot in the face in robbery gone wrong, an act of hate, or cold blooded murder. According to the First Coast News (2013) the mother Sherry West, she was pushing the sleeping baby in a stroller near where she lived, which is usually a peaceful and quiet neighborhood.

A 13-month-old male toddler was shot in the face during altercation this past Thursday. The two teens wanted to rob the baby’s mother Sherry West, but she didn’t any money to give them. His mother tried desperately to protect her young toddler from being hurt. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (2013), the mother stated that the suspects told her they were going to “shoot her baby” and she “pleaded with them” not to shoot Antonio.

However, According to Daily News (2013), Sherry West was shot and wounded by the suspects, before they killed her baby. Tragically, she couldn’t stop the perpetrators from shooting her sleeping 13-month-old toddler, named Antonio Santiago in the face. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (2013), two teenaged suspects have been indentified and arrested in connection with the botched robbery and the toddler’s murder.

According to the New York Daily News (2013), the grieving mother positively identified the suspects as 15-year-old, Dominique Lang and 17-year-old, De’Marquis Elkins. However, she claims the De’Marquis Elkins was the shooter in this senseless crime. These two suspects are currently being held in a Glynn County Detention Center in Brunswick, GA. The mother stated that she wants the heartless shooter die, which was aired on the Piers Morgan Show on CNN Monday Night.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (2013), the mother of De’Marquise Elkins, Karimah Elkins, 36, and the teen’s aunt “Katrina Elkins, 33; were arrested this morning for lying to authorities. Furthermore, the murder weapon has been recovered and both teens will face a judge to learn there fate. Additionally, the suspects will stand trial for murder of this handsome little toddler and the attempted murder of his mother.


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