Create a Blessing’s Jar

A blessing’s jar is a neat little way to remind yourself of the many daily blessings that you have received each day. This is a unique way to count your blessings, as you add little pieces of paper to a jar that have your blessing written on it. All you need for this project is a large empty jar, post-it-note paper or small pocket notebook, and a pen. Then, set aside a few moments each night before bed to write down the good things or blessings that you have received each day.  

Sometimes, you will need a little reminder of all the good things that has happened throughout your long day. Especially, when the good things tend to be overshadowed by stressful or bad things we deal within life. We tend to ponder on the bad things quicker than we remember the good things that happen to us like: a visit from an old friend, a boss recognizes your hard work on a project, and/or a surprise date with your partner.

So with that said, take time to write down all of your blessings and place them in your very own blessings jar. You can decorate your jar anyway that you want, as well as choose any jar that you may want to use.  This is a great project for Sunday school classes or a fun project for families to do together during the weekend. I hope you enjoy counting your blessings as much as I do and decorating your jar the way you want it to be.   

(c) 2019, Crystal S. Kauffman

Wings of Hope Project – September 2014 – Next Give Away

Wings of Hope Project for March 2014

This is what we put in each bag, plus a beanie baby. We had fun and we give all the glory to God.

We successfully completed our Wings of Hope Project for March 27, 2014 give away, which consisted of 12 gift bags full of items that will be given to new patients at Shands Infusion Center for Women. We made up a nurses bag and threw some extra stuff in it, so the nurses can give them away to new patients. However, we need your help to continue the project and help us get ready for our next give away in September 2014. Let’s try to get more than 12 gift bags for our next planned visit.

We do as three times in year: March, September, December. This way, we can reach as many patients as we can during each year. We pick out local cancer clinics or nursing homes to bless with our donated gifts. Please take a moment to look around your house and see if you may have some of the items that we need, in order to make this project a success. Each time we visit them, the nurses are happy to see us because they do not have items give out to the patients at this time due to hospital rules.

Ask your church, school, or organization to get involved and help us to continue to bless many patients  with these gifts of love. For September’s give away,  we will need at least 30 gift bags for men and women.

Items we Need:

Small gifts

Gifts bags

Thinking of you cards



Non profits- organizations wristbands- prostate, cervical, ovarian

Anything to cheer a patient up, men and women. Every new patient will get a bag until they run out. No candy!!!

Together we can make a difference!

Send items to:

Laugh at Cancer Support Community

c/o Crystal s. Kauffman

7192 Park City Dr.

Jacksonville, Florida, 32244



If you send a donation of any kind.


FYI: The Support Community cost $30.00 a month to keep it open, so if you can help out in that please follow this link to our donate button.

Blanket of Hope Project Has Been Canceled


 After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to cancel our yearly Blankets of Hope Project”, due to lack of donations and volunteers. Thank you to all who have helped make this project a success for over five years now. Through this project, we have helped many patients and their families, whether at cancer clinic’s or nursing homes. Fortunately, we are going to expand our “Wings of Hope Project”, so we can visit cancer clinics at least four times a year.

We will be planning our visits in the springtime, summer, fall, and one in the winter. The winter visit will be near Christmas time, so the patients will still receive small gifts and greeting cards. Volunteers will be able to donate blankets and other small gifts, as well as donate greeting cards or Christmas cards. Please take a moment to check out our “Wings of Hope Project” and learn ways that you can help us bring a smile to each patient. Thank you to all who have helped us to grow and continue to bless each patient or family we meet.

This project is sponsored by the Laugh at Cancer Support Community.

The Rules for Mystery Fiction Writing

My favorite reference book when writing my mystery novels.

My favorite reference book when writing my mystery novels.

As a new mystery author, you will find that there are certain rules, which you must follow when writing your novel. Read other mystery novels, in order to familiarize yourself with the rules and see how other writers incorporate the rules. Each resource will word or list the rules differently, depending on what website or reference book that you consult. There are many websites, which list tips and advice for new mystery authors.

Always use the beginning of the story to capture the reader’s attention and hold their interest, as the story develops. If you follow these simple rules, you will finally be able to write that best-selling mystery novel.  The story must keep your readers interested and compel them to see what happens to the main character at the end of the story. Furthermore, create a sleuth that has a rounded personality with problems and issues. Therefore, when your sleuth solves the mystery, their personality grows also.

Keep yourself out of the story and allow your characters to come to life with each word. Here are ten mystery writing tips that will help you get started from Mystery Ink Online.

     First: Never open your story, by describing the weather unless you are trying to create an atmosphere. Try to be brief in your description of the setting or you will bore your readers and lose their attention. In addition, describing the weather is permitted, but only if the main character is discussing the weather with a friend.

Second: You will want to avoid adding a prologue, because they are unnecessary and annoying. Actually, prologues usually belong in non-fiction writing, but there have been exceptions to this rule.

Third: Use only the verb “said”, when carrying dialogue between the characters. This way, the author stays out of the story and the characters take the lead.

Fourth: You should never use an adverb that modifies the verb…said. Since, it will disrupt the flow of the  words and make the story hard to understand.

Fifth: Always limit the amount of exclamation points that you use, to only two or three per every 10,000 words. This way, your dialogue stands out for each the reader, without the use of the exclamation point.

Six: Don’t words like “suddenly” or all hell broke loose”, since you do not really need them in your story.

Seven: Use dialogue sparingly, since mystery stories do not need much dialogue between the characters

Eight: Never describe your characters, since the characters should remain a mystery also. You should give them a voice, which speaks throughout your writing.

Nine: Try not to use too many details in describing the settings the characters are in.

Ten: Always omit the parts of the story, which you think that a reader will skip. A good mystery novel should keep the reader on the edge of their seat and begging for more.



Leonard, E. (2001) Writers on Writing

Retrieved on the World Wide Web on July 11, 2007

Father’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Father's Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas

Buying gifts on any budget can be easier than you think, since there are thousands of presents you could choose from. However, Father’s Day is not about giving expensive gifts and going broke celebrating. In this economic downturn, many families won’t have extra money to spend on a gift for their father. So, here are some ways to give dad a special day, which shows him how much you adore him.

I Have No Money

Take a moment to think about some homemade crafts that you can do, with the items you have at home already. Try collecting pictures and building a collage of your father’s life, which he will cherish always. Additionally, you could make a bookmark with your favorite picture and something special written on it to him. Be creative and you can make something special for him out of every day household items, without spending a dime.


I Have $20

Consider visiting the nearest dollar store and making a gift bag full of goodies that dad would enjoy. You can find many unique, yet practical items and product that would be perfect for a Father’s Day gift. Furthermore, you could start a new tradition, by visiting the local store and buying the ingredients needed to make his favorite inexpensive meal. Also, do not forget to invite the whole family and you could ask them to bring a favorite dish with them.


I Have $50


Think about the best way to celebrate Father’s Day, with the money you have on hand to spend. Maybe you could invite him to enjoy a dinner and a movie with you, by making him a homemade invitation with tickets enclosed. In addition, you could surprise him with something that he needs for a hobby or a project. This type of gesture will mean a lot more to him, just because it came from you.


I Have $100


Ask him if there’s anything he has dreamed of learning or doing, yet he never got a chance to do it. He may dream of taking lessons about golfing, skydiving, tennis, or flying an airplane. Give your father a gift certificate or a ticket to an event he has always wanted to see. Then, you can help him chase his own dreams and he will enjoy every moment of it. So, think about ways that you can help him achieve something he has always desired.


In conclusion, no matter how much money you have to spend, you can find the perfect gift with a little bit of creativeness. Think of items within your budgeted amount and decide if it should be a homemade or store bought gift. In your heart, you know that he will appreciate the gift, just because it comes from you. Therefore, give your dad a gift that he will remember and treasure for a lifetime.









Blankets Of Hope Project

Blankets Of Hope Project

Dear Friends,
Its not to early to start collecting a donating blankets or small gifts, as well as Christmas cards. We will need 120 gifts for the nursing home patients that we have chosen to help this year. Please help us bring a little Christmas joy into the lives of patients who do not get many visitors. Have a wonderful week! Getting started early will help us obtain our goal.

Email me for my address:

Wings of Hope Project

Wings of Hope Project

I am collecting about 20 packages of blank cards with ten cards in it. I will be writing “Thinking of You” inside the card. I will be visiting a local nursing home two times a year to give out the cards. Every year, the Laugh at cancer Support community staff and I will be picking a new nursing home to visit. This will allow us to cheer up patients, who generally don’t get visitors or cards.


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