New Author to Check Out…Author Divine Ortiz

Author Divine Ortiz

Author Divine Ortiz is a 46 year old Puerto Rican originally from The Bronx, NY. He spent most of his life as a member of the Five Percent Nation, and a third of his life in and out of state and federal penitentiaries. It was during his last prison term in a Federal Penitentiary that he decided that it would indeed be his last prison bid, and he picked up a pen. 

Five and a half years and 15 novels later, Divine emerged from the federal prison system with a story to tell. After a couple of not so great experiences with publishers, Divine has chosen to take control of the direction his books and career would go. He created ZitrO Publications. 

With 12 books published, two authors signed to ZitrO, and no end in sight, ZitrO Publications is forging its was into the literary world. Urban Fiction and the literary world has a new face. One that threatens to be around for a long time to come. Visit the ZitrO Publications webpage to see all that they have instore for the readers.

Meet Author Divine Ortiz

Our Vacation Last Month

Our Vacation Last Month

My husband and I after swimming in Lake Lindsey Grace in Screven, Ga. We had a wonderful time together and hanging out with my special friends from church. We spent time swimming together and my husband helped our friend fix stuff at her house. Additionally, we went out to eat and enjoyed the company of my husband, as well as spending time with my friends.

Unfortunately, we had no city luxuries like internet, television, or cell-phone signal. I missed being connected with my friends through Facebook and Twitter, but I loved the peace and quiet I discovered during our vacation. We both felt so relaxed when we arrived home, so we are planning another vacation to this area.

I am so thankful that my friend took us on the trip with her, because my husband a I have never really had a vacation together or with friends. I am hoping to go in a few weeks, so I can spend more quality time with my husband and my children. Have a wonderful night my friends. I hope you enjoy my vacation picture.